Couple Accused of Child Sex Abuse

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A couple who now lives in Northampton County was arrested after a 13-year-old girl told police the pair sexually assaulted her.

The alleged crime happened last summer in Monroe County.

Pocono Mountain Regional Police arrested Christopher Hickler and Cassandra Smith.

The two were friends of the teenage girl's family and were caring for her last summer at their home in Stillwater Estates in Pocono Summit.

Police said they gave the girl drugs, then sexually assaulted her.

"This is a type of crime that's hard for us to prevent other than to make people aware that these things do happen and ask parents to be sometimes overly cautious is what's needed," said Pocono Mountain Regional Police Lieutenant Chris Wagner.

Police said for one month last summer the couple was caring for the 13- year-old girl. Her parents were family friends.

The girl recently told police that while she was staying with the coupleĀ  they gave her alcohol, marijuana and cigarettes. She said they also let her try cocaine and on at least one occasion they had sexual intercourse with her.

"They were good family friends and they were trusted by her family and obviously that trust was betrayed," Lt. Wagner added.

Police said the couple moved to Bangor and that's where officers arrested them.

The girl and her family live in New York state.

"They're obviously upset. The victim is dealing with it as best as she can and the family is obviously upset. They feel betrayed and going day to day," said Wagner.

The couple faces several charges including indecent sexual assault. They are locked up in the Monroe County jail.