Local Lawyer Remembers Martin Luther King Junior

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Each Martin Luther King Day, Morey Myers, a lawyer in Scranton, reflects on what he calls one of the most important times in his life and in our nation's history.

It was the mid-1960s when Myers joined Martin Luther King Jr's civil rights group in Florida and Mississippi.

Myers heard King speak in the heat of the civil rights movement.

"His oratory was very powerful, and his message was even more powerful," Myers said.

Myers was in his early 30s when he left his job at the federal courthouse in Scranton to become a legal advisor for the civil rights group. He was one of a number of lawyers from the north who did the same.

"There was real uncertainty. People were beaten to the ground and even more severe assaults on them, but it was probably one of the most important event of my life," Myers added.

He said he had a lot of support from northeast Pennsylvania when he made the trip south to support the civil rights movement.

Almost 50 years later, the memories and the message still stay with him.

"The message that remains with you is that he was, despite of all the abuse that he took and violence that he saw, that he said 'No, we will do this in an orderly non-violent way'," Myers added. added.