The New Frontier of Digital Medicine: Could Your Cell Phone Help Detect a Concussion?

Could your cell phone be the new frontier of digital medicine, especially when it comes to detecting a concussion?

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey took a closer look at a new app that's on the horizon. It's called "PupilScreen."Physical therapist and concussion specialist Maurya Mellody Carr at Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates explained how it works.

Physical therapist and concussion specialist Maurya Mellody Carr at Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates explained how it works.

Carr also stressed that even though some technology could help detect a concussion, it's still important to seek out a medical professional in diagnosing the concussion.

Click here for a closer look at this future app.

You can also review the entire research study on the cell phone technology by heading here.

As for a concussion, medical experts define it as a type a traumatic brain injury that occurs from either a blow or jarring mechanism to the brain.

Signs and symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, sleep disturbances and light and sound sensitivity just to name a few.

Some high tech treatments already underway at Northeastern Rehabilitation Associations include: using virtual reality gear to simulate experiences, such as driving a car, that a patient may struggle with after a concussion.

Other high tech tools being used today to help people rebound from a head injury also include a heart rate variable training app.

These devices also tie into traditional treatments including visual exercises, balance activities, and "return to play program" which is basically a five-level program that an athlete must pass before returning to his/her sport.

Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates, just off the Morgan Highway in Scranton, is one of eight corporate sponsors of WNEP-TV's Ryan's Run.

Northeastern Rehab is a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician practice.

In addition to concussions, the facility in our area also specializes in musculoskeletal pain. The practice also provides spinal injections and a whole host of alternative treatments.

Click here to learn more about Northeastern Rehab.

WNEP's Ryan's Run is the charity campaign helps kids and adults with disabilities served by Allied Services.

Head here to donate and learn more.

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