Charges Dismissed against Rep. Haggerty

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DUNMORE -- A state legislator cited after his wife accused him of hitting her no longer faces charges.

Kevin Haggerty's wife decided to not press charges

A judge dismissed the charges after Haggerty's wife Jennifer agreed to the move. She told the judge it was a part of the couple's divorce settlement.

It's a legal victory for the state representative from Dunmore. Kevin Haggerty no longer faces criminal charges, but unanswered questions about his treatment of his wife remain.

When Jennifer Haggerty filed a protection from abuse order against her husband in May, she wrote, "he threw two bottles of water at me and hit me in the left side of the head hard enough to feel temporary loss of hearing and facial numbness."

She was granted a PFA.

That order was later lifted when Representative Haggerty agreed to have no contact with her after she filed for divorce.

Her claims of abuse in that PFA were written under oath. She could be charged with perjury if the claims are false.

But Kevin Haggerty is still not denying his wife's allegations or others claims she made when she filed the PFA in May.

Representative Haggerty said nothing as he left court.

His lawyer, who in May would only call this a private matter, said nothing either.

While Representative Haggerty refused to discuss this case, Wednesday morning he sent robocalls to voters in the 112th State House District telling them of a public meeting in Olyphant Wednesday night on why he is behind a bill to eliminate property taxes in Pennsylvania.


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