Residents Stranded, Schools Closed Due to Flooding in Lycoming County

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ELDRED TOWNSHIP -- Several inches of rain in some places overnight is causing major flooding in some areas including Lycoming County.

Officials say most of Eldred Township was flooded by early morning on Friday, but the water is going down.

Mill Creek spilled over onto roads and into homes near Montoursville without much warning.

"I had no idea this was coming," said one resident. "Never experienced anything like this, at least not to this level."

Overnight, strong currents washed away roads and quickly crept into people's homes across central Pennsylvania.

The waters forced Maryann Haupt out of her home near Montoursville where she's lived for decades.

"Right now, I'm not sure what to think," Haupt said. "I'm about ready to bawl. I just don't know what to do."

Not everyone was able to get out of their homes in time. In Lewis Township, near Trout Run, rescue boats crossed over McIntyre Road; it's now a small stream.

Helicopters were also called in to help.

Trout Run Fire Chief Bob Whitford believes there are around 15 to 20 people trapped in their homes by the flooding.

"Affected easily 100 homes between the village of Ralston down through Lewis Township, Trout Run area, and even further down into Hepburn Township, Old Lycoming Township."

Brion Pepperman's home is surrounded by water. He hopes Loyalsock Creek continues to recede so he can begin to clean up.

"It happened fast; there was no warning," Pepperman said. "When I left, I didn't think it was going to be that bad. It was just in case kind of thing. When we got back with the two trucks, we knew we had to get everything out as fast as we could."

Sullivan County schools are closed Friday morning, and Keystone Central School District in Clinton County are on a two-hour delay.

For a complete list of school closures and delays, head here.

According to PennDOT, the flooding has caused some road closures as well.

A list of road closures in Lycoming and Sullivan Counties due to flooding is posted here.


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