School Closings & Delays

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NOTE: WNEP no longer supports Text Alert school closing notifications.
School Closing/Delay information can be found:
- Live on-air on WNEP/WNEP2
– Free push notifications via the WNEP App available on Android/iOS. Make sure that School Closing push notifications are active in your app. Tap the Settings icon (*) in the upper-right of the app window. Under “Push Notifications”, make sure School Closings is checked.
– Continuously updated on App

Tip: Use your browser’s search function (CTRL-F) to find your school in the list below.
Tip: If viewing this list on a touchscreen tablet or phone, make sure to touch the list to scroll through to see the entire list.

Are you a business, church, daycare or preschool not eligible for our school closing alerts? Click HERE to learn how you can post your own closings to our Community Closings Calendar.

Click HERE to sign up for school closing email alerts*

*PLEASE NOTE: E-mail is not 100% reliable.

If you subscribe, please understand that due to Internet slowdowns, spam filters, and other e-mail obstacles, we cannot guarantee you will receive all warnings in a timely manner. This service is meant only to supplement your current way of receiving this information, not to replace it. Please double-check all information before making plans based on these alerts. School closings may be viewed on the website homepage.


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