UPDATE: Jury in Bradford County Finds Man Not Guilty of All DUI Charges; Guilty of Assault in Deadly Crash

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BRADFORD COUNTY -- The jury deliberated the case of Troy Stone for about five hours at the Bradford County Courthouse.

Stone was found guilty of vehicular homicide and aggravated assault. Jurors found him not guilty of vehicular homicide while driving under the influence..

The victims families were visibly shaken as the judge read the verdict.

"These people were all very close close knit community of people. This incident is tearing them apart," commented Defense Attorney Paul Ackourey.

Prosecutors say in August of 2015, Troy had 2 beers before driving his pickup truck to a party with three passengers.

Police reported the pickup truck got behind a car and tried to pass the vehicle at speeds reaching 85 miles per hour.

When Stone tried to switch lanes his pick up hit another car, killing two of his friends.

During closing arguments the defense argued although Stone had been drinking that night the crash happened much later and not driving impaired.

But the prosecution said he was traveling on the wrong side of the road and was speeding.

Troy Stone is scheduled to be sentenced on in January.

For now Stone is subject to random drug tests by his probation officer.



  • Rosemary Forrest

    This is heartbreaking to all involved!! These kids were friends!! Best Friends!! He will do what he has to do!!But wont bring his friends back!! So unless you been there? Our Town was Heart Broken!! We all grieved..for all the familys!!

  • Anonymous

    This was a tragedy to the say the least. A very preventable tragedy. As mentioned previously, how was the person who provided the beers to this underage driver not found and charged? How is the phrase “underage” not even mentioned anywhere in this article? While no one deserves to live with the guilt of this, I want to state that Troy was no angel. He would share and post some very ignorant things, and if anyone dared oppose his viewpoints, his friends and him would cyber bully the “opposer” into submission. I’m very sorry for what has happened with all of this, but something seems terribly off with this verdict.

    The jury needs to look into the eyes of the families of the two young men who were killed and tell them why they decided that this underage drinker should be acquitted of these charges.

      • Doc McStuffins

        There was plenty of evidence of DUI. The judge actually found him guilty of two counts of it. Check other sources.


    I’m sure that this fine young upstanding white man has learned his lesson and is compunctions over his actions. He will take this lesson and apply to his life every day for the rest of his natural life. Hopefully he will be able to change the world for the better, and undo some of the damage being done every day by the illegals and goons who are constantly and consistently ruining our communities.

    • k

      I’m reading some racism here. And it’s compunctious not “compunctions” that is an adjective for regretful. When was the last time you read about an illegal immigrant who got a DUI and was driving in excess of 85 mph? Please share that link with everyone so we can see how that happens “everyday” around here.

  • Rachel May

    This kid lost two of his best friends. They all have been careless in driving, it just so happens it was him this time. His friends would never want this to be brought on him. He has a life sentence already dealing with the guilt he has. NOTHING can make that go away!!!

  • Reality

    Won’t even do a year and he will be out. Pathetic you can kill 2 people, doesn’t matter if it’s your own parents, you still killed them by your absolutely ignorant careless decision. Why isn’t the person or people whom gave him the beer being prosecuted? Oh wait, that would be the correct decision, also sad to see someone who commited this action, out driving company insured vehicle’s, pretty senseless to me, seems like an awful huge liability to me having someone who killed 2 people, potentially could of killed even more, still out on the road like nothing happened. Accidents happen, this wasn’t an ‘accident’, this was 110% preventable. Least money helped aid this situation, and keep a person out, and not in for the justified amount of time. No jail time will bring the ones lost back, but justice also needs to do it’s job! I feel bad for the families of the 2 killed, as now a son, brother, family member will never be there again in their lives. Doesn’t change the action this person made, also alot to live with, knowing what you did, caused everything it has. It’s sad all around, especially beings most people have made careless mistakes, but taking 2 lives, that’s a pretty huge preventable mistake.

    • How can people thumbs down this?

      You are speaking the truth. I can’t believe that there are people actually giving this a thumbs down. This only furthers the idea that Bradford County is one of PA’s most corrupt, ignorant, and culturally backwards counties.

    • Doc McStuffins

      He will still get a pretty good sentence in state prison. Probably 4.5-6 years. He just avoided the 6 year mandatory minimum.

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