Mother, Daughter in Custody for Stealing Elderly Woman’s Purse

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WEST PITTSTON -- Police in West Pittston arrested two women who allegedly stole a purse from a good Samaritan who gave them a ride Wednesday night.

Mother and daughter, Carol Schock and Yvette Dinning are charged with stealing the purse and all the money of an 82-year-old Pat Gayoski.

Gayoski gave them a ride from the supermarket.

Schock told Newswatch 16 she's sorry for what they did.

While Schock made bail, her daughter did not, and is still locked up in Luzerne County.


  • letsbehonest

    But seriously, can we talk about how a mother would let her daughter stay in jail while she posts bail. Clearly, not a good parent.

  • jim

    We have no deterrent for crime anymore. What is gonna happen some fines and probation? Hard labor have people become afraid of getting caught and what might happen if they have to face the consequences.

    • Gettingitright

      Actually, they have a Trump sign in their front yard.
      Clinton supporters are liberal, they donate to the poor. Trump supporters have no problem stepping on the proverbial necks of those “below them” to get ahead.

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