Blessing a Piece of 9/11 History in Hazleton

HAZLETON -- A piece of metal from the World Trade Center has made its way to Hazleton.

Officials with the Greater Hazleton Historical Society say they heard about a program where pieces collected from the cleanup were being kept at JFK International Airport. After waiting nearly a decade, they finally received a piece from that fateful day.

On Saturday, there was a ceremony to bless the piece from the World Trade Center.

"The emotional historical significance behind it is so much more,” said Ann Vinatieri, Greater Hazleton Area Historical Society and Museum. “Many people lost family that day. This is a really seminal part of American history, so I want the next generation to not forget it."

Organizers say they feel it is important to honor those who lost their lives in the terror attacks.

Sunday marks 15 years since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.


  • Writer Girl

    Today is 9/11. This is what happens with progressive and liberal politics and political correctness. Vote Republican in November. Trump 2016.

    • Look Around, Stand Your Ground

      Writer Girl, you didn’t complete that thought. What happens with progressive and liberal politics and political correctness? Trump was a Democrat previously. It’s just a suit, just a cop-out; the party system. You’ve been fooled.

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