Piece of World Trade Center on Display in Hazleton

HAZLETON -- When you look at the piece of metal at the Hazleton Historical society, you may just see it as just that, a piece of metal with dents, stains, and twists. However, those attributes make it clear the metal is much more than just metal.

The piece of metal was pulled from the rubble after the World Trade Centers fell on September 11th, 2001.

"This is from the front facade from the second tower that fell," said Ann Vinatieri of the Hazleton Historical Society about the metal.

The Hazleton Historical Society has been on a waiting list for nearly a decade to put a piece of 9/11 history on display at its museum on North Wyoming Street.

"I think it is really important for us not to forget it, and really pass it on to the next generation," Vinatieri added.

This piece of metal will help people in Hazleton remember what happened that day.

Dan Dion is from Michigan, just passing through Hazleton and heard the museum had just received a piece of the World Trade Center.

"It changed all of our lives. It was probably one of the most significant events of the 21 century," said Dion.

Dion drove over, just to touch the metal that holds so many difficult but important memories.

"I hope young people come and visit this piece with their parents and talk to them about what it meant to them."

Saturday at 11 a.m., the historical society is having a dedication to bless the piece of metal from the World Trade Center.