Owner Smashes Electronic Speed Sign in Wyalusing

WYALUSING -- A man trying to send a strong message to speeders near his home in Bradford County smashed the electronic sign he had outside his house Wednesday morning.

The damaged speed detection sign is at Donald McNeil's house along Route 706 in Wyalusing.

We showed you the sign Tuesday, while it was still in operation.

PennDOT told McNeil he didn't have the authority to use such a sign. He tried to get Wyalusing borough to buy it and make it legal, but the council said no at a meeting Tuesday night, so he smashed it on Wednesday morning.

“The only thing I can think of to do because I’m a really sneaky guy, and if I took it down and put it some place, it might sneak and find its way right back to this point,” McNeil said.

Philip Crouthamel of Tarrytown saw the story on Newswatch 16 and came by to support McNeil.

“This man, to me, he's a hero. He's a guy who had some faith and wanted to slow traffic for the sake of the kids,” Crouthamel said.

PennDOT says McNeil's speed monitor violates a specific state law saying that no person can use any device that is an imitation or resembles an official traffic control.


  • John Baxter

    Many who’ve commented here respect this guy. They don’t understand that such zealots are most of the time incredibly misguided. They have no idea how fast people are actually driving and no idea of what speed is actually acceptable. These people fear cars, not understanding that most drivers actually know how fast to go and have their vehicles under control. If an individual citizen believes speeding is going on, they need to get their local government to perform a scientific speed study and review the situation in order to come up with a scientific/engineering determination that there is a problem. These are the people who convince local government to put up unnecessary stop signs that waste everyone’s time and fuel, as well as increasing air pollution. They also complain until locals or PennDOT post lower speed limits that are unrealistic and only increase motorists’ skepticism about the reasonableness and value of traffic rules.

  • PA Guy

    I wish that WNEP would cease putting clowns on TV who know nothing about traffic engineering, but profess to be experts. They have no credibility and they are looking to create unsafe roads. Speed limits are supposed to be posted at the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed for safety, BUT in PA, we underpost, which causes crashes and tickets safe drivers. The real story is why speed limits are not posted properly. Where is that story.

    The one guy is obviously a tad wacky too.

    You should get the National Motorists Association to comment on stuff like this.

      • Marvin

        So what is the correct value? Laws should not exist from an opinion, cuz we know what opinions are like, don’t we? The law is set for SAFETY, not just for the driver, we do not care what an expert driver Formula 1, NASCAR, or Antonios GoKart track you claim to be, but for the people who cross the streets, walk along the sidewalk, etc. Don’t be so self absorbed to think YOU know it all.

      • John Baxter

        To the person who wrote that it’s not about public opinion: In fact, you are EXACTLY wrong and have it entirely backwards. The fact is that traffic engineering has shown via repeated research that the majority of motorists actually know how fast to drive and won’t drive fast enough to cause a crash. It’s been proven scientifically and statistically. This principle is written into the PennDOT warrants, though it is too rarely followed because of local protests. Bottom line: We believe in democracy and that the majority will vote for the right candidate in our elections. Turns out, democracy actually works much of the time, and the principle has been proven to apply to driving, as well, unless there are hidden hazards. So, what you are saying to us is that YOU DON’T BELIEVE DEMOCRACY WORKS. Turns out you are wrong, and the principle has been proven.

  • arrest him!

    Overboard, really??? He wants to enforce the speed law but purposely violates the Pa. litter/rubish law! Jail him. Put him on the litter brigade. Set an example with this criminal. This hypocrisy must end now and forever!

  • arrest him!

    When he went psycho and smashed the plastic front of the sign with his hatchet I couldn’t help but notice pieces of plastic fell on the sidewalk. Have this nutjob arrested for public littering.

  • Robert Paulson

    Just start throwing animals and children in the path of the speeding cars, should garner some attention from PennDOT?

  • hud ellis

    are you people CRAZY? DON MCNEIL IS CRAZY, did anyone bother to find out or see the MANY people he has harnessed lately?? followed to there work place, to there homes taking pictures of them and there cares… last I checked this was creepy… HELLO.. did anyone know he has driven out of his way to scream at the pen dot labor worker along the road to the point the state police called?? how he violated an order to take it down weeks ago,, or never got a permit to hang it in the first place?? oh wait, how about screaming at traffic like a lunatic??

    send him and his Terry town friend that called him a hero,, anyone that agrees with him and his upside down flag,, GET OUT!! take you, his buddy, an him to Iraq,, hang you signore an upside down flags there!!!!

  • CeeMe

    Yeah, well, while his spirit is in the right place, you can’t just go putting up signs or anything else, just because you feel like it and want to send a message. He should have checked with the township first. Sorry, guy.

  • Robert Sivilich

    Well where I live the norm is 15 to 20 mph above the posted speed limit. Sometimes they slow down a little when they’re texting.

  • Frank Rizzo

    All he had to do was put a sign under it stating it was not an official penndot or police sign and it would have been perfectly legal.

  • Bill Gallagher

    And PennDOT is wrong…the law regulates only OFFICIAL SPEED CONTROL DEVICES. Since he is neither official, nor able to enforce, the sign is unofficial. Hell, If I want to play with a radar gun (yes, I have the appropriate license), I can do it all day long. I can’t stop people or enforce the law, but I am well within my rights to have and use a device.

  • Speed Demon

    I wonder if this United States citizen can constitutionally put a sign in his yard that says:


    I don’t see PennDOT posting signs that say that.

  • john williams

    So PADoT, the Gestpo of Pennsylvania, has the right to tell a person what they can display on their soverigen property?????

  • xxxinwyal

    What you may not know, because I doubt Mr. McNeil offered this to Channel 16 is that not only did he have this sign but he would stand out by the road yelling at motorist, taking video’s of them on his ipad and in one known incident followed behind a driver. Because of this, I’m sure PennDOT thought it unsafe to him and motorist. Mr. McNeil has a few screws loose.

  • gcg1956

    While Penndot has the right to decide if they would buy and display such a sign, the owner of the sign and the property it stands on has the right to leave the sign there as long as he wants. The sign is not hindering drivers, the sign is not offensive to anyone. Our Constitution has an amendment which protects all USA citizens as far as free speech is concerned.

    • Jerry Goldsmith

      You’re not very bright, are you?

      Sure. That TOTALLY would have worked. I’m sure PennDOT and the borough would have immediately caved in at that ultimatum.

  • It's who you _low

    So hear is a guy trying to doing something good , what is the borough going to do about the speeding now ?

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