Man Takes Speed Control Into His Own Hands

WYALUSING -- The speed limit on Route 706, or Taylor Avenue, in Wyalusing is 25 miles per hour, but sometimes you wouldn't know that by watching some vehicles drive by.

Don McNeil lives along Taylor Avenue and is tired of drivers speeding by. He's scared for his safety.

"Sooner or later it has to be established somewhere in Pennsylvania that the first obligation of government is public safety," McNeil said.

State police sometimes patrol Taylor Avenue, but not enough in McNeal's opinion. So recently he took matters into his own hands and bought this electronic speed monitoring sign.

"It's a win for the safety of the neighborhood," McNeil said.

McNeil keeps the sign on his property. He says when drivers see it, they slow down.

"The average is down to 40 and the good people are driving about 25," McNeil said.

McNeil's neighbors agree that people drive too fast on Taylor Avenue.

Some neighbors with small children get nervous living so close to the road because of how fast some people drive.

"With kids and with the way I know how people like to fly up by it makes me really nervous when they're out here playing," Sheyanne Fassett said.

But PennDOT officials are telling McNeil he needs to take down his sign.

"It encroaches on their authority," McNeal said.

McNeal bought the sign legally from a company in the State College area, but a representative from PennDOT says, "Mr. McNeil's sign violates the state law, Title 75 PA Consolidated Statutes Section 6122. Official traffic control devices can only be installed and maintained by the Department of Transportation or local municipalities."

At Tuesday night's borough council meeting, council members voted on whether to buy McNeil's sign, which PennDOT would consider legal since the borough would operate it.

Council voted to not buy it.

On Wednesday, McNeal destroyed his sign in front of his house to show he is obeying PennDOT's request.


  • PA Guy

    I wish that WNEP would cease putting clowns on TV who know nothing about traffic engineering, but profess to be experts. They have no credibility and they are looking to create unsafe roads. Speed limits are supposed to be posted at the 85th percentile free-flowing traffic speed for safety, BUT in PA, we underpost, which causes crashes and tickets safe drivers. The real story is why speed limits are not posted properly. Where is that story?

    You should get the National Motorists Association to comment on stuff like this.

  • Rick

    For those of us who know this old fool he is nothing short of nuts. One of those sad pathetic Momma’s boys who needs to find a life. He feels insecure and inferior to the well off family next to his property probably one of them picked on him one time in school 60 years ago and he’s too pathetic to get over it with out his mommy around. There is nothing unsafe about the streets of Wyalusing. You did give me a good laugh though wacko I needed it this morning lol.

  • Darlene Mapes

    How many people on the town council live on Taylor Avenue?? I lived there back in the 80’s and it was just as bad. Something really tragic will have to happen before anything is done.

  • Cam

    They won’t enforce the speed limit but they will enforce taking down a sign that promotes enforcing the speed limit. Ridiculous!
    The sad fact is if residence are really concerned about people driving above the posted speed limit they either need to get a speed study based on 85th percentile done that will probably tell PENNDOT the speed is set too low and the will raise it, or they will need to convince PENNDOT to put the road on a road diet and integrate traffic calming measures that subconsciously convince drivers that driving 25MPH is fast enough. Anything else they do, even enforcement, will likely not return the results residence want to see.

  • burtfan16

    This is one of those stories that you have to think twice about running. First off, people aren’t going to respect it knowing it’s a privately owned speed monitor. Secondly, now that people know it doesn’t belong to the state some idiot, or idiots, will most likely steal it.

  • E

    Hilarious! Another Irish Catholic coal miner local making their control issues obvious to the world. Ha ha ha! I guess they can’t help themselves.

    • Matthew

      Bob, you’re kind of right. Except he really doesn’t even have to “say” it. Leave it where it is,no one from PennDOT who has any idea what they’re talking about will go near it.That a PENNDOT official would suggest this somehow violates a statute about the installation of official traffic control devices is ridiculous. Nevermind “official”, I would argue it’s not even a traffic control device. It’s mounted to the guy’s stairway handrail for crying out loud. Maybe he’s studying the flight speed patterns of low flying geese headed south for the winter. Anyone starting to see why PennDOT has no authority here? PennDOT guy overstepped his authority… and his knowledge of the application of the law he cited. I suspect it has less to do with PennDOT, and more to do with local “officials”. KEEP THE SIGN UP!!! Label it “Goose Speed”.

  • valeforheya

    if he realy wants to keep it up why not offer to donate the sign to the borugh so they can opprate it and donate the space on his land for it?

    • Tammy

      He is nuts..He sits on his rock with his ipad and records cars as they drive by. He is a card or two short of a full deck.

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