“It Looks Really Bad”, Repair Bills Stack Up After Vandalism Spree in Wilkes-Barre

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WILKES-BARRE -- The damage totals and repair bills continue to stack up, following a vandalism spree over the weekend.

Workers at Mesko Glass said they have received nearly two dozen calls to replace shot out windshields and shattered windows on a building.

“Tempered glass, it’s a safety glass. It shatters into thousands of little pieces and it goes everywhere. Sometimes it goes into places where you just never get at it,” said Robert Mesko. “Whenever anybody touches something personal, you have concerns. And you get worried about where you’re going to park. Are you safe in town?”

Despite a growing number of electronic eyes watching the Diamond City, authorities have not said if private security cameras or the city’s Hawkeye camera system captured any of the vandalism.

Kings College said it was notified by 14 students that their vehicles were damaged.

Repair workers believe the damage was done by a B.B. gun.

Although it is not considered to be violent crime, Rachel Murray said the vandalism tarnishes Wilkes-Barre’s reputation.

“Twenty years ago it was not like this at all. We didn’t have to lock our doors,” said Murray. “It looks really bad. This town, unfortunately is going to, excuse my language, hell in a hand basket."


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