Explosion, Leak At Brewery Prompts Evacuation

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WILKES-BARRE---Emergency management officials were called to The Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre Wednesday morning after a small explosion and ammonia leak.

Emergency management officials said there was a leak in a tank inside the building, which led to an explosion and an ammonia leak.

One person was injured and taken to a local hospital and the building was evacuated.

Emergency workers said the local community was never in danger.

"There was a small release of ammonia that occurred inside the building. A small amount did escape to the atmosphere, but that was quickly mitigated," said Stephen Bekanich, head of the Luzerne County Emergency Management Agency.

Hazardous materials and other crews spent most of the day at the business. They said the cause of the problem is still under investigation.

Repair crews are working to get things back up and running.

Just last month, there was another ammonia leak and an evacuation until that problem was fixed. Bekanich said the two are not related.

"Absolutely unrelated incident to the previous incident from several weeks ago. I was here for that incident as well. All I can stress is The Lion Brewery did exactly as they were supposed to do in both incidents," said Bekanich.

Bekanich added the injured worker was treated and released.


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