Future Of Greater Pittston YMCA Day Care Uncertain

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PITTSTON -- The Greater Pittston YMCA day care said it will appeal the state's decision to revoke its license.

That decision was made after a girl was left behind on a van following a field trip earlier this month.

Parents who have their children at the day care are wondering what to do.

Workers at the YMCA are telling parents to remain patient and wait out the appeal.

State officials said they plan to revoke the license because of several serious safety violations involving the safety of young kids.

One day after state officials said they want to yank the license at the Greater Pittston YMCA day care, some members are defending the workers.

"People at the YMCA are great. I mean, I have to walk by every day to get to the gym and you can tell they care about the kids," said Matt Holmes of Exeter.

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare officials said the problems at the day care in Luzerne County are serious enough to shut the place down.

"There has been a history of violations in this facility," said Department of Public Welfare official Barbara Minzenberg.

Newswatch 16 met with the deputy secretary for the Office of Child Development and Early Learning at the Department of Public Welfare in Harrisburg.

"They are operating pending appeal, but there has been a revocation of the license," Minzenberg said.

State records show that earlier this month, a girl was left behind in a van after a field trip and workers at the YMCA could not find her for about 45 minutes.

"There have been corrective actions and provisional licenses issued, and yet this is yet another incident that is of concern."

The 20-page notice also indicates problems reported in the past, including a lack of supervision in September of 2013 when kids in the day care were swimming at the YMCA pool.

State officials said in May, a preschooler tried running onto a busy street. The only worker on the walk chased after the child, leaving six other kids behind.

The Greater Pittston YMCA was issued a revocation of their license in late July and they will have 30 days to appeal.

The day care at the Greater Pittston YMCA is still open.

In a statement, the Greater Pittston YMCA says it has submitted a corrective plan following the van incident. It also says that staff have already gone through additional training.

We asked officials if any kids have been pulled from the program, but so far we have not heard back.