Pittston YMCA Fires Worker And Suspends Field Trips

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PITTSTON -- The state Department of Public Welfare tells said on Monday it will wrap up its investigation into the Greater Pittston YMCA in about a month and will then determine the licensing status of the facility.

This comes after an incident last week when a 6-year-old girl was left sleeping in the back of a van that had just returned from a field trip.

Since then a staff member has been fired and summer field trips have been suspended.

The state downgraded the license status of the Greater Pittston YMCA last year because of failure to properly supervise children.


  • ME

    Well, it seems everyone, in every organization has to be a babysitter for other people’s children.

  • Mac Daddy

    The state also ordered their name changed from Greater Pittston YMCA to the Just OK Pittston YMCA.

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