Theft Victims Face Owner of Wyoming Homes in Court

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP – The owner of a modular home company was arraigned on a new set of theft charges after he gave up his right to a preliminary hearing on other charges in Luzerne County.

Authorities said David Valenti, 61, of Moosic is facing several sets of theft charges for allegedly defrauding people who paid down payments to Wyoming Homes.

On Tuesday, Valenti was charged with refusing to give a Plains Township couple a $3,400 deposit on a modular home that they did not receive, because they could not get financing.

Valenti refused to answer questions after the hearing, but people who packed the tiny courtroom had a lot to say.

“If he gets a year for everyone he screwed, he’ll die in prison and we’ll all be happy,” said Beth Rozelle.

Wendy Jones of Saylorsburg told Newswatch 16 that she doubts that she will ever see the $3,000 she lost to Wyoming Homes, and she wants to see Valenti’s bail revoked.

“All he did was lie. He’s like pathological,” said Jones. “He told me his kid was sick, he played on illnesses in his family, all kinds of stuff that if you’re a good human being, you would feel bad. He’s like a predator.”

Darlene Criko said she did receive her home, but it did not include more than $14,000 worth of upgrades that she paid for.

“Because of me being in a wheelchair, it wasn’t done. The house came without the handles for the handicapped. It’s not the house I ordered,” said Criko. “If we’re not going to get our money, he should go sit the rest of his life in jail.”

Valenti remains free on bail but his license to sell homes is suspended.


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