David Valenti, Well-Known Modular Homes Dealer Charged

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- The owner of Wyoming Homes, David Valenti of Moosic was charged with two counts of theft by deception.

Valenti turned himself in at a magistrate's office in Plains Township

He first faced criminal charges six years ago in Wayne County, when customers said he took thousands in down payments and failed to deliver a modular home.

Those charges were dismissed, but prosecutors in Luzerne County charged him again after accusations of recent customers that are similar to the complaints of six years ago.

The investigation into Valenti continues, as other who have not talked with prosecutors yet say they too, are victims.

Jim and Nancy Crawford had planned to buy 10 acres in Susquehanna County.

In October, they put a $20,000 down payment on a modular home from Wyoming Homes and owner David Valenti.

"He said by Thanksgiving we`ll be in our home on the land," said James Crawford.

But James Crawford says Valenti needed more paperwork, and when that was filled out, Valenti promised the couple they'd be out of their rental home in Tunkhannock and in a modular home soon.

"He said Christmas," said James Crawford.

"It didn't happen.  New Year's.  It didn't happen," added Nancy.

"He said we`d have our home by valentines day, and it didn`t happen.  I said right then, it was never going to happen," said James.

The Crawfords aren`t alone.

In the last nine months, records show eight customers filed suit against Valenti seeking thousands in judgments.

Luzerne County prosecutors criminally charged Valenti with theft, as they claimed he ripped off two other customers including and 82-year old woman whose home in Fells Township in Lackawanna County was destroyed by a 2011 tropical storm.

Before he turned himself in, we spoke with Valenti.

"I`m absolutely worried," said the owner of Wyoming Homes.  "I`m going to try to do what`s right.  And I`ll have to face whatever it is when I can."

In 2008 Valenti was accused of taking money and failing to deliver two homes.

A judge in Wayne County dismissed the felony theft charges, after Valenti paid restitution.

But now Valenti admits he could end up behind bars.

"I was at the top, I`m at the bottom right now," Valenti said.

"I want to see him in jail," said Beth Rozelle of Fleetville in Lackawanna County.

Rozelle says she paid $44,000 in cash for a home Valenti said was never lived in.

But cracks in the siding, And a failed air conditioner raised questions. And discovered in 2011, her home was used by FEMA and hooked up in a park for flood victims near Montoursville.

Newswatch 16 used the home serial number to confirm, through FEMA that the home had been occupied.

"I feel like he has slapped us so hard, i just want to slap him and say, `what`s wrong with you?`," said Rozelle.

James and Nancy Crawford feel the same way.

They couple says the man who was ready to sell them land in Susquehanna County grew tired of waiting, and sold the property to someone else, eight months after the Crawford's made their down payment on the home

They want their money back, and Valenti's receipt list the $20,000 deposit as "refundable."

The Crawford's have a copy of a check from Valenti they say was a partial payment on the refund.

It bounced.

"It`s wrecked my life, it has,"  says James Crawford.  "I just want to give up, but i`m not that kind of guy."

When we spoke with Valenti, he said he hopes to make things right.

But it may be difficult for him to find the money.

Along with the new charges filed against him today, a bank is foreclosing his home in the Glenmaura section of Moosic.  And his license to sell mobile homes was suspended by the state in April.


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  • theworldiscrazy

    Here is how low he will go!!!! I had a home in one of his parks during the floods of 2011… rent was already paid before the flood.. one week before to be exact and when the flood happened and I asked for part of that rent back as my entire home and everything my family owned was destroyed he told me it was too bad that he would give me a free month of rent…. UMMMMM excuse me???? oh and then it turned out he wasn’t even supposed to take that months rent from me as he had already lost the park, we just had not gotten the notice from the bank who took it… YEAH HES A POS for sure…. spent more money on viagra and his young playmates than using it for what he was supposed to…. like taking care of his customers… I hope he rots in jail

  • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

    News 16 only picks who they want to help, they never stood up for what is right, when it comes to peasants in Trailers! They consider us Trailer trash. #Fact I asked many times for help on a few things, and they aren’t human enough to even call back. News 16 are low lifes also, no different than The valenti’s! I started waching WBRE & other news programs, cause New 16 doesn’t do crap.

    • Valerie A Burgess

      I also tried calling news watch 16 news several times and I never received a call back at all. Left messages but I guess my story wasn’t worth their time. Dave Valentin took everything I had.

  • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

    Birchwood Village, good name, cause that’s all it is. I never got my security Deposit back, and neither did others that paid off their trailer! If things don’t get settled by Law, i’ll make my own law.

  • Valerie A Burgess

    I was a customer of Dave Valenti’s cruelty, I handed him 30,000.00 on my home and was promised it would done by the 4th of July and then every week He told me that they were either discontinuing something or other out that I had chosen either in floors or in paneling this went on and on. I’m disabled and used my money for a home that I never lived in. He was very unpleasant he would scream at me on the phone and was horribly abusive this went on for 2 years. I had to sell the property I purchased that I sold for a 3rd of what I paid for and I ended up having to give him more money to take the lean of my property that had no home. He financially and emotionally had me broken and I still suffer the ramifications of dealing with Mr. Valentine’s.

    • kelly

      Sorry for your experience the 30000 sound familiar I put 30000 down and was promised wonders to this went on fro almost two year I had to have a lawyer send him a letter and try and get the attourney general involved the bbb ripoff report and harisburg finally after lots of money several building inspection failures and slopy workmanship I got in but hold my breath that it don’t fall down.Iwas to threatened to be sued,have the home taken out .thank god the bank was on my side I also had to deal with the installation manger I could go on and on but don,t have the time to write it all .so sorry you had to go through this just wish there was help out there for us from our stat officals.

  • Satisfied Customer

    He probably sold thousands of homes with a few unsatisfied people.
    Most likely the same ones that can’t give proper change at the gas station.

    • jkp

      YOU… are probably David Valenti. What kind of comment is that? In fact, if you aren’t Dave Valenti, you are probably one of his drug customers. He is a CROOK…He is a LOSER…. He is a LEACH….! He takes money from innocent, honest people, turns around and DOESN’T pay his sub-contractors, DOESN’T pay his employees, and DOESN’T pay his taxes or his mortgage. He chases whores around and puts SNOW up their noses, and his. NOW he’s saying he is going to try to make things right, DON’T fall for another lie out of David Valenti’s scummy mouth. He has lied for the last 20 years that I am aware of and, everyone knows, liars NEVER stop lying. He treats decent people like CRAP and then acts like he is sorry….. PLEASE. The party is over David Valenti. If he really wanted to make things right, he would invite all those nice people he screwed up to his big house in Glenmaura and tell them to take whatever they want before the bank boards it up! But NO, he’s planning a nice big auction before they foreclose on it so that he can get the last few dimes together that he can and put it up his nose.

  • kelly edward czapnik

    I went through almost two years of mental,fininancial abuse to from this man unfortunatley our public officials ,state and the manufacture let us down he should of been shut down 6 years ago and would of saved the tax payer and mostly innocent victims alot of money and grief

    • Ken Zawacki

      I agree. We went to the Attorney General over a year ago about this outfit. And they did ABSOLUTLY NOTHING other than call and ask if they could close the file yet even though we didn’t have our home yet or even now that the installation was never competed by Wyoming Homes.. A simple investigation would have revealed the numerous complaints about this scam of an organization. They were blatantly robbing people of their hard earned money right under the noses, in broad daylight, of our public officials for so many years. For Shame.

  • Dean John Wychulis

    This company also ripped off my parents back in the mid 1980’s. They put a deposit down to hold the price of the home. Then my parents found something they liked better at another dealer. They contacted Wyoming Homes many times to get the deposit back, only to be lied to that it was given to them, it was not. KARMA is all I have to say. My parents are now sitting back having the last laugh.

  • russell

    this stuff goes on all over I gave a builder modular management $15,000.00 they never put a shovel in the ground. the sad part are the laws that protect them. i almost got in trouble because i was to blunt with police. it took me 7 months to get the police to knock on the guys door.
    the police said nothing they could do and that it was my fault for not asking for the escrow acct number.

  • Bernadette

    I had similiar issues with Wyoming Homes and this @sshole 10 years ago. As stated above, his contractors are equally criminal. My foundatoin had to be re-done 3x before the house was finally delivered, they tried charging me for the additional work even though it was their mistakes! Once the house was finally delivered, they had to take it off the foundation because it was about to fall over!! None of the upgrades I had paid for were included in the house, they never built the deck I had paid for, etc. I immediately filed a suit against him and we settled the day before our court date. He did the same thing to my parents at the same time (we are neighbores, we bought the houses together) fully knowing that my father was dieing of cancer at the time. I filed multiple complaints on BBB, posted my court documents publicly, etc so people would be aware of his criminal practices. I hope he rots. He made the last few months of my father’s life a living hell!

    • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

      It’s nothing but swamp land here in Birchwood, and they moved my Trailer, now it’s sinking in certain places, and they never tied my trailer down. My floors are coming up through, and mold is terrible, and this is what i paid for, NOTHING! Valenti’s are all thieves, they stole from almost everyone here, but it must be legal for them to steal, cause nothing was done about it! The system takes up for businesses that take people, this has to stop.

  • Brian

    WNEP: New website format, but same old crap proofreading and writing. It’s basic grammar and capitalization! How sad! I will continue to proofread and comment on the garbage you spew until you hire high school GRADUATES! Embarrassing.

  • Christina

    Bet about 75% of the money he stole went up his nose and the other 25% went to pay for plastic surgery for all his “hunnies”

  • Ken Zawacki

    Let’s not forget the employees who worked for Wyoming Homes. They new exactly what Valenti was doing and supported his lies and deceitful practices. They were accomplices to his crimes and should also be investigated. Hopefully no reputable home dealer will ever give these vermin jobs.

  • Brandon C.

    This crook still owes us over $12,000 dollars after he took our home on consignment, sold it to TWO people and never paid us a dime. He even sent me forged documents with other people’s names and information trying by himself some time! He is getting what he deserves!!!

  • dave soskin

    He almost got me for 15,000.00 last year. I gave him the deposit in April 2013 and never saw a house. Eventually, with the threat of being arrested by my local police chief, he gave me back the money in october 2013. He knows what he was doing to all of us and needs to go to jail.

  • jim

    i wonder if Mr. Valenti is a fine member of the BBB, like the other outstanding BBB member builder in the area, Mansions and Mistakes Scott Binsack. And The BBB wonders why they are a joke. Like, duhhhhh……

  • Ken Zawacki

    After nearly a year of broken promises and constant lies from this SCUMBAG name David Valenti, I sent an email to Action 16 looking for help with the exact same problem in February 2013 and unfortunately never heard anything back. We even did not get any help from the Attorney Generals Office after filing a complaint. Fortunately we were smart enough to document all the lies that spewed forth from this snakes mouth. After being relentless with Wyoming Homes and threatening to file theft charges with the local police we were Extremely lucky to finally get our home AFTER more than a years time, although the installation was never completed correctly and we had to get the work done ourselves. Nice to see that something is finally being done after this truly evil person has hurt so many people. There is no punishment that will be enough to payback this crook for what he has done.

    • CrazyLarry (@Skyhawk442)

      His ex wife and son also know what they were doing, and they smiled about it, every time they took from someone. The top lot here at Birchwood is still empty, so why did they move us, and tear up everything while moving Trailers?? They got Lawyers that knew what they can steal, Rosen, Jenkins, something like that, and it cost me thousands, just to live in here, and still everything isn’t done since 2005. I’m still here at the swamp land, with nothing for kids to do. They throw people out at their will, even if they haven’t done anything wrong. They hooked up Water meters here, illegally, and now charge us for water and sewage once a month, and it’s not cheap, i think they pocket this money. Some people been charged 200 dollars for water and sewage, and even more. All i wanted, was to have things right, but they never fixed things. Everything was throw together in a hurry, and i had to pay to have it done right, all together, over 20.000. I’m disabled and have only one paycheck, and it’s enough for rent and electric. The rest i got to beg for or do without. They left my Trailer sitting without even a porch to get inside after the move, and no skirting, plumbing needed to be done cause of the move. My Electric was grounding out on the ground, where they left it lay, another cost. It goes on and on, now new management is here, and they are no different!

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