Second Suspect Pleads Guilty in Lackawanna College Student Killing

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SCRANTON -- A second man pleaded guilty in the shooting death of a Lackawanna College student.

On Monday, Ryan Harding pleaded guilty to a third degree murder charge as well as to carrying a firearm without a license. Police said Harding fired the shot that killed Rahsan Crowder on Vine Street in Scranton in May of 2013. He can face up to 47 years in prison.

Another man, Marlon Clotter, pleaded guilty earlier this month to conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. Police accused Clotter of supplying the gun. Clotter faces a sentence of seven to 20 years.

Both men will be sentenced at a later date.


    • deborahrmorgan

      There were multiple witnesses to this crime..its probably a plea deal…..otherwise hed never get out……i cant wait to see what they do about that heartless punk who shot the cab driver up at valley view this summer.

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