Remembering Young Parents Killed in Motorcycle Crash

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LEHMAN TOWNSHIP-- Friends say Aaron Setzer and Chelsea Engle loved being parents and doted on their 15-month-old son, Levi.

Witnesses said the couple was killed instantly Saturday night when Setzer's motorcycle crashed into a utility pole on Route 29 in Lehman Township.

Police said it appears speed may have played a factor, and that the two were not wearing helmets.

The crash took place just a short distance from the Setzer family's home.

Family members said Aaron and other relatives had gathered to do some work to get the home ready for a graduation party.

Dean Kreidler met Setzer when he was 8, and played on teams alongside him for a decade.

"He was funny, tried to put a smile on everybody's face, hard worker, never complained about anything. He is just going to be missed," said Kreidler. "He has taken that curve hundreds of thousands of times. His house is right there. I don't know what could have happened and I don't think anyone ever will."

Friends said Chelsea Engle also had a bright future.

After several years working at the Dunkin' Donuts in Forty Fort she recently reached her goal of becoming a massage therapist.

Team leader Jake Carr said that Engle's goal was to help people live a healthier life.

"That was all she cared about, that and her child," said Carr.

Workers at the donut shop are pooling their tips and donating them to Engle's family.


  • Ted

    I know you Harley guys like yer Hogs but I would never ride a motorbike on the street.
    You have no protection at all in the event of an accident – none.
    At least in a car you’re strapped in and have the car around you.
    On a big bike you have nothing.
    So sad that the young baby will never get to know his parents.

  • J@D3...

    My heart goes out to the family and the little boy, Levi. I will keep you all in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss. GOD BLESS!!!

  • MED

    my heart goes out to Chelsea’s family and arron’s families they will both be missed greatly. I’ve known Chelsea since I was 11 years old we may not be friends or even really know each other that well anymore but she had the spirit about her have made me wish I was her friend so goodbye. I will miss u coz.

  • Carrissa

    Some of you people should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Turn this into bullcrap about helmets or no helmets is completely ridiculous! This is what’s wrong with the world..Seriously! I don’t have even know these two or live in their community but I have enough compassion and love to feel sympathetic for the poor families who lost two young peoples with a child! Have your darn opinions if you want but those families and close friend may read these and all you can’t do is point out stupid things that will make no difference now… Wow! And to sit an dislike peoples comments who are mourning or jus plain ou

    • Carrissa

      * just plain out care. Give yourselves a pat on the back you low lives..
      With deepest sympathy to all the friends and family or anyone sincerely hurt by this loss! My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • Crista Chick

    Helmet or not the fact is two young lives were taken too soon. We must not focus on the what ifs or could haves or should haves. I have no doubt in my mind these two were just caught up in the moment and in the wrong place at the wrong time. This should not be a judge of their character or of their carelessness. Remembering their bright young spirits and cheery disposition should be what’s blowing up this feed right now. I did not know these two but what I do know is that their sweet son Levi will never get the chance to enjoy his parents and experience how much he was loved by them. The pain that Chelsea and Aaron’s parents must being going through at this time is unimaginable. Not only are they grieving for their own loved one but the have to be strong for Levi. Many many prayers are going up tonight for strength and comfort to surround these families. Everyone can be so quick to post judgement when we should be rallying together to provide support.

  • Always a Ranger!

    I only knew Chelsea from school. We had one class together and she was a great, caring person. Always made people laugh. Chelsea and Aaron are now two beautiful angels to look after Levi. It just breaks my heart to know that one day someone can be here and the next day not. Do not hold grudges, and always say you love your loved ones because you do not know when you will see them angel.
    R.I.P Beautiful Angels!
    My heart and prayers out to the Engle and Setzer Family!

  • Bob

    first, my heart goes out to the family, second id like to comment on all the negative comments on how he rode his bike. helmets are good yes, but i speek from experience. i saw first hand my freind wreck wearing a helmet and a crack in the road broke his neck. ive rode bikes for over 35 yrs, i do not allways wear a helmet. if you never rode you wont understand, all that gear sometimes inhibites you, overheats you, when you are not thinking of where you are and what your doing on a bike because of all the items some people have commented on then your a danger to yourself and others around you. in this case a hemet may not have helped, and its sad that people are commenting on what they should have done or not instead of remembering them for who they were, i did not know them but the comments from a few tell me they were both good people and way to young. again my heart goes out to the family. im sorry for your lose.

  • Lorraine Hazinski

    I hope they died instantly. A TBI is a horrible way to die , and the graphic images; in the EMT and Police and Firefighters minds ,who were on call have to live with these images. May God hold these two in the palm of his hand…

  • Joyce

    God bless their parents…I know from experience how heartbreaking it is to lose a child who has their whole life ahead of them.. Please God take care of their little boy Levi…..I will never understand why horrible things happen to the best of people…….maybe someday we will all understand..and hopefully then, the answer won’t matter.

  • Drue Epler

    Sorry to the family. No helmet just plain stupid. If your going to ride a motorcycle then wear all of your gear. Especally a helmet. Also take a msf motorcycle safety course they are free in pa, and always ride within your limits. If they would have followed all of those basic rules they probably would still be there for there little one. Always rock the gear. If not for you. Do it for your loved ones.

    • Prayers to the Families

      Drue. Please know all the facts first. Helmets would not have helped in this situation. Also, IMO, this is not the time to try to preach your opinions on helmets. 2 young lives were taken and a baby is left with no parents. My heart goes out to all their family members.

      • ME

        I tend to agree with you. This is very tragic, but speed and no helmets, aren’t a good combination.

    • Connie H

      Let’s not lose track of the issue. 2 beautiful people lost their lives. This is a void that is going to be felt by their family and friends forever. If you choose to wear a helmet – that’s great for you. I am sick of every time something happens involving a motorcycle people – many of whom DO NOT ride, blame not wearing a helmet in many cases it WOULD NOT make a difference. This is NOT what this is about. It’s about the loss of two young parents, share your condolences that’s great but save the soapbox for another time. RIP Chelsea & Aaaron you will be forever missed <3

    • Michelle

      I had a friend who was wearing a helmet and died because of the helmet slicing his throat open. So wearing a helmet doesn’t really matter. God bless and my deepest condolences go to the family.

      • jake

        You anti-helmet people are something else. Im not saying helmets would exactly help in a collision but any head impact situations obviously a helmet would help. Do you know how many injuries there would be in the nfl without helmets? Helmets are made to cushion blows.

  • Rita Bardo

    Chelsea was a great human being that will live on thru all those who met her and every one she has touched rip Chelsea and Aaron luv and prayers to families


    Absolutely heartbreaking ! PLEASE GOD, comfort the friends, family of this beautiful young couple in their time of sorrow, and bless their child in every way possible through out it’s life’s journey

  • Paige Frey

    She was my absolute best friend for years. I moved out of state and we were talking about getting together soon when I came to PA…. I’m devastated, and heart broken. I can’t believe their both gone…

  • Rita

    I didn’t know these two young parents but I can relate to the pain of losing a child . My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends at such a heart breaking time. God bless .

  • Elizabeth Santiago

    Chelsea was an amazing person. I worked with her for almost years. She was loving, caring, and supportive to everyone and she was a great friend. i miss her so much

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