Two Killed in Motorcycle Crash

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UPDATE -- The coroner identified the victims as Aaron Setzer and Chelsea Engle.

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- Two people were killed when a motorcycle smashed into a utility pole in Luzerne County.

Police said the pair was riding on Route 29 in the Sweet Valley area when the driver lost control and hit the pole.

It happened just before 8 p.m. Saturday night near the intersection of Route 29 and Trojan Road.

Authorities tell us a 24-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman died.

Neither was wearing a helmet.

Route 29 was closed while police investigated the crash.

Officials are looking into whether or not speed played a role.


  • ana de leon

    My prayers go out for this 2 families. how hard its to loose 1 in this case there is 2′ plus leaving a lovely baby.. may GOD comfort forever… xxxxoooo

  • angeleyes12462

    Just wondering why seperate funerals for the victims.
    Being fiances and parents would think families would want them buried and viewed togther?
    Just wondering

  • gafan

    All I know is, if I were the parent of a 1 year old, there would be no way I would take stupid chances like that. Forget the helmet, I wouldn’t even go near a motorcycle. It was complete and utter irresponsibility. I would forgo being cool, and consider my child. And yes, I am a parent.

  • Justice for All

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.. That is your right, however, until you know the facts please keep those opinions to yourselves. These 2 kids had their life ahead of them, with their 1 yr old. They went to the gas station just a bit up the road from home. Believe me, those who profess that wearing helmets save lives, a hundred helmets would not have saved anything in this particular case. You don’t know what happened, so don’t speculate. I can tell you this much, if you were on scene you would probably have lost your last weeks worth of meals! Remember what they say about accidents… most will happen within a few miles of home.. this was a lot closer !
    Wake up, smell the roses and say a prayer for their family and their now, parentless baby… You owe them that much respect!

    • Arch Stanton

      The comment board is for comments based on WNEP articles and the community in general; the facts as we know them Are we to wait until you post and give us the “all clear” before we can voice our opinion?

    • Randy

      Thank you for telling us what to feel, what to post and what to do. We’d be lost without you!


      Best adivce, is to stay off the road alltogether on a cycle ! Wear a helmet and dirt bike if you like 2 wheelers ! Prayers to the victims, victims family and 1 year old child. – Death came to my family years ago, and our family member had a helmet, and still got a smashed skull, and lost a limb ! So best advice I can offer is to stay off of roads meant for cars !

  • paul

    it’s to bad that these people lost their lives, young and a whole life ahead of them..I wish these bikers would take the safety route, over the trying to look cool, not wearing their helmets route.

  • Loree

    My Brother In Law was wearing a helmet, it flew off & crushed his cheek bone…. He now has a metal plate in his face!!!!!!!! hELMET OR not, 4 WHEELS WILL B UNDER MY BUTT, SINCE i DUMPED MY MOTORCYCLE!!!!!!!!! I DONT LIKE BIKES, BUT UNFORTUNATELY MY 28 YR. OLD SON DOES & EVERYTIME I SEE SOMETHING LIKE THIS, I WORRY EVEN MORE ABOUT HIM!!!!! So I dont like them & DONTride them, but My son does… It scares the Hell out of me, everytime I know hes riding the dang thing!!!! I also lost a cousin a few months ago on 29 to a motorcycle accident, she was riding with her boyfriend…. R.I.P. Shannon & these 2 young ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alexandria Rosencrans

    Instead of arguing about it on here , saying nasty things , and being rude , just be considerate to the familieswho has been probably reading all of your negative comments about their son / daughter . Losing someone is HARD enough without people sitting on here bickering about it . Just let it go , and either say something nice , or don’t comment anything at all . The families don’t deserve it !!

  • Amy Eisenhauer

    People where is your heart! Helmet or not, speed or animalfact of the matter 2 lives were lost. Say a prayer for their families! Don’t be so judgmental! How would u like to read these comments if this was your child or family member. That is pretty ignorant!

    • Amy Eisenhauer

      I find it very disrespectful to the people disliking some comments. Grow up! Some people in this world have hearts and give sympathy to others at difficult times in life.
      That is why this world is like it is full of hate from people like you. I knew these 2 young adults and they would give the shirt off their backs to someone who needed it! I find the “dislikers” heartless.

  • Vicky

    Since the horrible comment I was responding to was deleted I appear to be both if the things I was railing against. Sorry to those I have offended. This was not directed at the article our those involved. It was directed at someone who wished to refer to my loved one as an object.

  • PA Biker

    Five weeks ago my son was ride in a group of motorcyclist in the Poconos, there were 7 bikes in a row. They went around a curve the a SUV came from the other direction in the middle of the road, 5 bikes crashed against the guide rails trying to avoid getting hit, the driver never stopped. One biker was serious hurt and had to be taken by ambulance, still today the driver has not come forward for causing the accident that damaged 5 motorcycles.


      This is MY POINT ! You can wear a helmet, ride safely, follow the speed limit, and sooner or later you ARE going to encounter that driver that is not paying attention, thus then cyclist goes down, usually fatal. They are NOT SAFE ! End of story, discussion ! Helmet, chaps, obeying the limit nothing will help, when you hit that animal, or a texter/drunk comes across the line, or for those with no helmet a wasp or bee flies into your face causing you to crash ! PLEASE PEOPLE, if you must ride a bike, get a dirt bike, ride on private land or trail with your helmet and gear on, cycles out on roads and highways equal BAD RESULTS ! Sooner or Later ! Death in my family years ago from these things, I have witnessed the devastation of a young life snuffed out from a cycle – Young or Old, death is not pleasant for the sake of a cycle !

      • poonus

        whatever! – like your opinion is gospel. everyone is mortal, and everyone will pass away someday..the reality is when your number is up your number is up, you can be so safe you never leave your couch or live your life the way you want to live, your opinion is all your entitled to- I know a guy who rode for 20+ years and died from a brain embolism- people aren’t generally safe, so what. human nature is what it is. slow down, ride with your head on a swivel- it’s all you can do in an unsafe world.
        my prayers go out to the families of the two people who passed- may they rest in peace.

    • gafan

      Are you saying the telephone pole in this case came around the corner and veered into their lane?

  • The Taxman

    I feel sorry the young couple who passed away from that accident on Route 29, as you all know you must be careful while riding a motorcycle or driving a car. Yes Route 29 is just like any back road in PA, Potholes galore, deer and bear on the road at any given time, drivers in car who text and talk on the phone while driving and cross over the yellow line, I see it all the time. They just don’t care and then leave the scene and no one knows who you are and who caused the accident. Again sorry for the bikers who were out enjoying a ride and this happened.


    WOW ! I cannot believe this spring and summer in WNEP viewing area ! RIP Victims, and Peace and Comfort to those friends and family grieving at this sad time ! Thin happened in our family many many years ago, and that is why I am AGAINST these bikes ! I am so against these things, have said so all along, as I have seen first hand the grief, and devastation in our own family many many years ago. And my heart goes out to these victims families, and ALL the victims families so far this spring and summer from these deadly machines.

  • mdog

    Fact is PA. does not know how to build a safe road. I remember Grandpa saying
    those very words. A foot of gravel must be laid under each road with a proper drainage
    plan. Its that simple pay for the gravel at the time or keep repaving at astronomical price.
    Keep picking up our family’s victims and asking why? Maybe it was a deer in this case but
    too many don’t get the second chance due to these roads not safe enough for a car let
    alone a bike with loving people on board. All respects to the families.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Those things are so dangerous! Helmet or not. Maybe school like cdl would help cut down on these accidents.

    • poonus

      riders can and often do take the state offered motorcycle safety course – and it’s free, they give you 8 hrs of book training, and 2 solid days of hands on safety riding experience! – in the last few years the state of PA already made the motor cycle permit test harder to pass- the real issue is since gas prices are going up more people are riding bikes- (and I’ll say it again- don’t like bikes, don’t buy one- nobody is making you buy one, unlike health insurance)…a lot of people enjoy riding. more new riders means more accidents – the three biggest issues against bikers are distracted drivers, high speeds, and cold weather – drivers don’t pay attention and don’t care- and cold weather effects a riders ability to control the bike with numb hands, and going too fast- maintain the speed limit.

      • Justice for All

        That is so true about the testing.. You can also take the Advanced Riders Course that is offered, free of charge, to PA residents..
        It’s a one day, all day, with your own bike testing/learning experience… When I went, I met riders that have over 30 years experience and they admitted that they attend every couple years to hone in on their senses and abilities!
        You are put through some grueling real life situations that you would most likely encounter on the road. It makes those who WANT to learn, much more attentive to their surroundings, obstacles, etc. And yes, a few of us ‘laid’ down our bikes because it was our only alternative… BUT we learned SAFETY FIRST! You retain a lot of what you learn, once you are out on the open road…

  • Sara

    Joe- no respect! If you have nothing to say don’t say it! They were the nicest people and left behind a 1yr old. Grow up! You are the DUMMY! You incosniderate Ahole!

    • MWM

      Sometime the truth hurts when not spoken in love! You have a point, and sometimes when we are young we don’t think, like when they didn’t wear helmets were they thinking about their 1 yr old?

    • donnaleigh

      omg this was my nephew and everyone is having a debate, people shouldnt be so critical and think about their own lives, helmets, speed, and what not, he was a good son.loving father and fiance.

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