Probation Sentence In Theft From Youth League

theft colleen bresnock

HAZLETON — A woman who stole from a youth football program in Hazleton was sentenced for the crime.

Colleen Bresnock was sentenced to two years of probation on Tuesday.

Prosecutors say she admitted to stealing over $8,500 from the mini football league in 2013 while she was the team’s treasurer.

Along with the probation sentence, Bresnock cannot have contact with the team or its members.


    • fratboy

      Borrowed the money???? What planet are you on?? She’s a dirty thief who stole from children for her own benefit! How low can you get?

  • Red

    Uh, I know that WNEP and it’s stellar writer`s never make journalistic errors (other than on a daily basis, I mean), but does this scumbag have to pay back the money she stole as part of her sentence?? If not, why?? Or did WNEP all-stars forget to include this in the article?

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