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Accused Thief Speaks Out

HAZLETON — The former treasurer of a football organization in Hazleton,accused of stealing more than $8,500, is speaking out.

Colleen Bresnock, 44, of Hazleton said she took the money to pay her utility bills.

Bresnock is the former treasurer of the non profit Hazleton Area Football League.  It’s mission to teach the game and instill sportsmanship. The players’ ages range from 6 to 12.

Bresnock is accused of stealing the money from the league since January. The reason? Bresnock claims she was getting shut off notices from the utilities in her home.

“I am very sorry for doing what I did. I wouldn’t have taken it without telling somebody,” Bresnock said. “The president at the time knew about it.”

Bresnock insists she’s paying the money back.  Her husband declined an on-camera interview, but Colleen Bresnock said he didn’t know what his she was doing.

“It’s not like I hide anything, I just didn’t tell him,” Bresnock explained.

Bresnock claims what she did has been done before.

“It was done in the past with the past president before him they allowed him to postdate checks and pay it back,” Bresnock explained.

As far as the claim that some past board members took money from the league and paid it back, Hazleton police say they would have to receive a complaint by the current board and then investigators could widen their investigation.


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