Cops Nab Mount Carmel Lewdness Suspect

kevin kerner lewdness mug

MOUNT CARMEL — Police have arrested a man they believe exposed himself to several women in Northumberland County earlier this week.

Officers said Kevin Kerner, 26, of Locustdale, admitted to exposing himself to three women on June 2 at several locations in Mount Carmel.

Kerner is charged with open lewdness, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

He was locked up in the Northumberland County Prison with bail set at $50,000.


  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

    I’ll never understand these weirdos who like to whip their peckers out in public. What thrill can one possibly get from that? Sick people.

  • Locust Dale-where the men are men and the sheep are scared

    Looks like he could not get LUCKY with a fist full of fifties. lol

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