Wolf And His Jeep Roll On To Meet Corbett

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DICKSON CITY -- In the race for governor in Pennsylvania, Democrat Tom Wolf is moving on to the November election and his Jeep most likely is, too.

Wolf's vehicle became a star of the primary election, even part of Wolf's victory celebration Tuesday night.

Is it Wolf vs. Corbett in November and Jeep vs. Dodge Ram?

Wolf rode to victory Tuesday night and so did his Jeep. His vehicle became a sidekick of sorts during his campaign for the Democratic nomination, even making an appearance at his victory party in York.

And Jeep owners in our area noticed.

"I saw him this morning him on the TV driving around without his roof. I do it all the time in the summer and I love it," said Anna Kuska of Union Dale

Wolf's Jeep has been featured in his ads for months and Jeep owners have been noticing that, too.

Anna Kuksa of Union Dale has been driving her Jeep for years, just like Wolf, she feels a connection.

"It's a basic vehicle and we all wave to one another and it's like a little club."

"I just thought it was kind of comical, because I own one and you see someone running for office driving one and making it part of their campaign," said Leroy Weidow of Jackson.

It's pretty clear that many Jeep owners feel part of a larger Jeep family, but is that enough to vote for fellow Jeep lover Tom Wolf?

"Possibly, he's a regular guy, you know?" Kuksa added.

"I would vote just for the Jeep," said April Clark of Clifford.

"There's a lot of other things you have to take into consideration," Weidow said when asked if the Jeep is a deciding factor.

At Tony Domiano Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Eynon, there are plenty of Jeeps on the lot and salespeople who know Jeep owners love their brand.

"They're very, very loyal. It's almost like a cult. They just love it. It's an all-American vehicle," said Jim Kreidler at Tony Domiano Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

Domiano's is loving all the attention for Jeep but that's not all. There are Dodge Rams there, too.

Just like in the ad where Republican Tom Corbett mocks the Jeep and rolls on represented by a Ram.

"We have both, we're cheering for both and hopefully we have a great outcome."

Tom wolf's campaign spent more than $12 million on the primary. Much of that was his own money, and much of that on those TV ads with the Jeep.

There are likely many more ads to come before he and Tom Corbett face off in November.


  • Bill D

    Corbett is such a typical scumbag politician! I can’t even believe he has the balls to run again! Saying he hasn’t raised taxes? What about the $.30 a gallon he passed on to us this year or the doubling of every state fee from Licensing to fishing and hunting? Yet he allows the gas companies to skate by and pollute this entire state! Have we learned nothing from Kerr McGee and all these companies that came before and left devastation and sickness in their path?

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