Wolf Projected As Winner For Democratic Nomination

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YORK -- Newswatch 16 is projecting Tom Wolf as the winner of the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania governor.

Wolf, a businessman from York, beat out Rob McCord, Katie McGinty, and Allyson Schwartz for the Democratic nomination.

He will face incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett in the general election in November.

Wolf became the early favorite in the race after a series of TV ads that included the candidate driving a Jeep.

The Jeep made an appearance at Wolf's campaign event at Santander Stadium in York.

Wolf and his wife drove in from the outfield around 9:40 p.m. to cheering supporters.

"Tonight, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth," said Wolf, quoting NY Yankee Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig. "I've always wanted to say that on a baseball field."

Wolf thanked his supporters and asked them to continue to work toward the general election in November.

"We have a big job between now and November 4, and that is to make sure we deliver on the promise that the Democratic voters of Pennsylvania have placed on all of our shoulders, to take message of a better future for Pennsylvania," said Wolf.  "And make sure that we do what we can to deliver on that promise."

McGinty offered a concession on her website.

“While the results are not what we wanted, I want to congratulate Tom for running a great campaign and a well-earned victory tonight. And I want to make it clear right now – I wholeheartedly endorse Tom Wolf, and I will be all in to help Tom Wolf defeat Tom Corbett in November! I urge all of my supporters to join me in electing Tom in November."


  • Red

    Haha. You’re a joke. Republican party is a joke as well. I’d much rather take my chances with a Democrat than a big business, corporate-machine lovin’ Republican. Oklahoma is where you belong.

  • AC

    I vote for whomever want to eliminate property taxes ! My Mom has lived in her home since 1978 – My Dad died, she gets only $860 a month, and her property taxes are $3.500 a year ! To think Elderly build a life and home, and memories, then in actuality they RENT their Lifetime home from the School District makes me sick ! My Mom has grieved my Dad, and is desperately trying to hang on to her homestead, which she could is PA Bill 76 passes !

    I VOTE for the Governor who stands for Property Tax Elimination of this outdated, Antiquated System, that makes Elderly lose their lifetime home. DO AWAY WITH PROPERTY TAXES ! Wolf or Corbett, whomever is on board I vote for !

    • Dave

      The problem is as I personally found out trying to get my taxes reduced was an 900,000.00 home down the street from me was paying 200.00 more than what I was paying for taxes and my home was values at 180,000.00… Check it out all that info is accessible… Seems to me if your going to build a mansion you should pay higher taxes..It’s deductible .People on fixed incomes are forced out of their homes because of this discrepancy…

  • Mad In Hazleton

    So a Wolf in sheep’s clothing won the democratic/liberal/progressive/socialist party nomination. notice how he uses the word “Our Fair Share” notice how he says the gas companies are squandering our natural resources….Tom unless the state owns the land and mineral rights then NO TOM it’s not Pa’s resources, it’s the home owners and land owners resources….See Tom you want to raise everybody’s taxes in Pa, you think by taxing the gas and oil companies 10% that will pay for schools,who do you think the gas companies will pass that 10% tax onto Tom????? we the people of Pa Tom, see this is just a back door tax hike Tom by you democrat progressives…Oh and Tom Gov Corbett raise the K12 on down education budget, he did not cut it…so the DNC of Pa is blowing smoke up the peoples butt Tom……

    People be very cautious when it comes to Democrats they will lie and cheat you and take your freedoms away in the name of progressivism.

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