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Haggerty Concedes In Race For 112th

DUNMORE — Representative Kevin Haggerty conceded the race for the 112th District around 10 p.m., almost an hour after one of his opponent Frank Farina declared victory using his own campaign numbers.

The atmosphere at Calabria Pizza was tense as Haggerty supporters were glued to the TV waiting to see if official numbers would catch up with numbers Farina projected.

This was a race that put two incumbent state representatives against each other along with a third-party candidate Bob Munley in a newly configured 112th District.

Haggerty said the race came down to each candidates hometown vote.

“This was a geographic race and when the numbers came in from Dunmore, we were really overwhelmingly winning, and the same with Scranton, and then as it moved up the valley, Frank really started to pick up steam and eventually overcame us and I just have to say to Frank Farina and his family, they did this with a third candidate in the race from his hometown. That’s something to be proud of so, again, Frank and I just talked, and I support Frank Farina going forward in whatever he’s doing,” Haggerty said.

Haggerty went on to say that he will now strongly support Frank Farina as his state representative in the newly configured 112th District. He also said he plans to run for political office again but probably not against Frank Farina.


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