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Farina Declares Victory In Race For 112th District

JESSUP — The race for the 112th House seat was an unusual one. Two Democratic incumbents duked it out along with a former school director from Lackawanna County’s mid-valley and state representative Frank Farina declared victory.

Representative Farina thanked a room of supporters at the American Legion in Jessup.

The race for the newly redrawn 112th state house district pitted Farina of the 115th district against incumbent Kevin Haggerty and former Valley View school director Bob Munley.

The 112th district was redrawn after the 2010 census.

It created an unusual situation of two Democratic incumbent lawmakers facing off.

Farina says he’s thrilled with how things turned out.

“It’s an honor and you know I want to take my hat off to Kevin Haggerty as well. He ran a very, very good campaign. He can hold his head up high tomorrow. He didn’t sacrifice any integrity and Kevin, hats off to you, buddy,” said Farina.

Farina has no opposition in November except for write-in candidates or perhaps a third party candidate.


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