Dominick Guilty of Third Degree Murder, Conspiracy

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SCRANTON -- A Lackawanna County jury found Jason Dominick guilty of third degree murder and guilty of conspiracy of third degree murder for the shooting death of Frank Bonacci.  He was found not guilty of first degree murder.  The jury's decision on Saturday came on the third day of deliberations.

Bonacci disappeared after a party in July 2013.  He was missing for about a week.  Friends organized search teams just about every evening. They wore or carried orange, Bonacci’s favorite color.

Finally, Bonacci’s body was found in his SUV at the bottom of a ravine near Nay Aug Park in Scranton. Bonacci was found with an execution-style gunshot wound. There was a rock on top of the SUV’s gas pedal.

Two young men in Bonacci’s circle of friends were charged with his murder. Police arrested Jason Dominick and Neil Pal of Scranton.

Police say Dominick and Bonacci were fighting over a woman they both dated.

A judge ruled last month that Dominick and Neil Pal will have separate trials.

The co-defendant in the murder case, Pal, is scheduled to stand trial on June 2. He’s accused of giving Dominick the gun to kill Bonacci and helping him in the cover-up.

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  • Johny Bravo

    Its sad that I’m seeing people all over social media #freejason #jasonisinnocent #justiceforjason and stupid bs like that I mean come on people he was there with Neil maybe he didn’t pull the trigger but he was there! Oh I love his cheesey story that was scared of Neil ..yeah okay buddy… He chose this path .. He had a lot going for him but being a wanna be thug with Neil pal was the choice he made…stop making him out to be innocent all these people are on a hash tag free Jason kick .. You look like idiots .. And what happen to justice for Frankie? Everyone is just making Jason out to be the victim I guess some of you forgot about frankie … You know the guy in the coffin who’s gone forever cause his friends killed him?

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I understand your opinion because if I was a friend or family member of Frankie I would feel the same way I’m sure. But in the same respect, as I am a friend of Jason’s, please try to see my side. All I want is for peo

  • jen

    Why the hell is bitching about either side going to make anything different? Just shut up, no one can change anything that happened. It’s horribly sad this happened but b***ching wont make any difference. Sorry, not sorry

  • E

    I am so sick of hearing fake compassion for peoples families on these comment boards. Stop responding to valid comments by barking about respect for the families of criminals and lowlifes. The only reason you claim to care is because you expect sympathy and understanding if and when a member of your family tree hurts or kills others, NOT BECAUSE YOU ACTUALLY CARE. If you don’t have a valid response to a comment then please shut the f**k up and don’t lecture others about respect.

  • Elle

    How did this turn into a huge pissing contest? Stop fighting already, have some respect for the families if they’re reading this, who cares who knows more??

  • Elle

    It’s so sad how everyone has gotten so off topic, justice was served and all you people can do is fight back and forth with each other, call each other names and just be flat out be ignorant! Grow up! Have some compassion for both families, they both lost someone, so sad :(

    • really?

      you’re right for the most part.but the family of Frank visit him at the graveyard and the families of the convicted can see them live in person in prison. They can touch hold hands hug each other and speak real words to one another. Frank’s family cannot. So in actuality only Frank’s family lost someone.

    • jhosk

      Ellie, I disagree that justice was served. It was only partially served, as we received half a loaf, if you will. It was clearly a compromise verdict the twelve jurors reached. It was a better outcome than having a hung jury, of course, but to me, it`s like kissing one`s sister. The prosecution clearly made the case for a first degree murder conviction. Some or one or two? jurors were brain dead apparently, and could not see the truth. The defendant deserved to be put away for the remainder of his miserable natural life.

  • Snshn

    It is unfortunate that this young man has been a habitual criminal and although I do believe that everyone has or will make a wrong choice in their lives, I most certainly do blame him, his parents, and the judicial system for this senseless death.
    It’s a shame all around.

  • Dennis

    Some of these comments are just so inappropriate. All you Sherlock Holmes’ and wanna be lawyers, please refrain yourself from leaving any more comments. Your a joke.

  • Henry Jones

    Neil Powell use to go around asking people if they wanna buy guns and join his “mob” lol … He thought he was a big bad boy untouchable yet unstoppable mobster gangster …I wonder why maybe to many movies like scarface ? He wanted to be a big tough man also after kwan died he bragged about “getting away with murder” … Neil Powell is pathetic. He trying to be some cheap imitation of Tony Soprano

    • Anonymous

      You are disgusting. Despite how much you hate someone or think you know what happened, to say “lol” at the expense of someone else’s life makes you just as much of a scumbag as you think he is. Grow up.

  • Alnt

    You have NO idea the impact Jason has had on my life or what he’s done to me so yeah it feels mighty nice to call him a scumbag. You’re the hypocrit standing up for a murderer, I’ll wait while you grow up.

    • youre an idiot

      Well youre pathetic. I’m not sticking up for him I’m sticking up for their families if someone was talking trash on frankie I would do the same thing. I would say I would wait for you to grow up but I don’t think I would live to see it. Its beyond sad frankie died, but jason and pals family should be left out of it. And saying curry is ridiculous

      • Alnt

        No one said that they’re families have ANYTHING to do with what shitty people they are, I specifically called Jason a scumbag, not his family, not Pals family, you’re making something out of nothing and trying to seem like the good guy sticking up for people who in all honesty are so consumed with what’s going on to go to a public website to read the comments about how other people feel. Seriously, go play the good guy somewhere else.

      • MsM

        Most murderers do have families and so what? It’s family members personal business if they want to feel anything for their incarcerated family member(s), that doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to have empathy. Excuse us if we don’t have a bleeding-heart for killers! These boys are playing a dangerous game and IF it were real-time they woulda disappeared long ago for their big mouths and shenanigans! Bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you? You can’t play and not pay.

  • youre an idiot

    You are all idiots. No one was there , the only ones who really know what happened is jason neil and frankie. You also shouldn’t be writing about them calling them curry and scumbags. They have families who did not commit a crime and shouldn’t have to read comments like this. The ONLY ones who look pathetic are you guys….

    • alnt

      I have every right to call Jason a scumbag, just as you have the right to call everyone an idiot. Its understood that they have families who are innocent butif you didn’t notice this is front page news and I’m sure the comment section of a public website is the least of the backlash they’re receiving.

      • youre an idiot

        Does writing hes a scumbag make you feel better about yourself. You never did songwriting stupid or have a family or friends who did something completely wrong. Would you want them saying this stuff grow up

      • Alnt

        You have NO idea the impact Jason has had on my life or what he’s done to me so yeah it feels mighty nice to call him a scumbag. You’re the hypocrit standing up for a murderer, I’ll wait while you grow up.

    • Sam

      Everyone has done something stupid…or out of poor judgement. But these 2 guys murdered someone…inexcusable from any viewpoint. To sit here and justify or make an excuse for their actions……that is poor judgement.

  • Jay

    All you ppl that are saying he’s gonna do 25 yrs on a 3rd degree charge r nuts…he’s lucky if he does 10!

    • jhosk

      Jay, he was convicted of conspiracy to commit third degree murder also, a separate and serious charge in its own way. If the penalty for that conviction is tacked onto the third degree murder charge, he surely should be in his cage for far more than 10 years.

      • Barbara

        Each of these charges have a sentence of 20-40 years. I hope the judge gives him the maximum of 40 years and run then consecutively. 80 years won’t bring this young man back but it will keep this beast off the streets forever.

  • ANN


  • Bubba

    They are both complete and utter scumbags whether first or third degree murder. Enjoy your time in prison you coward

  • jhosk

    The prosecution performed admirably, and there was plenty of evidence to justify a first degree murder conviction. The jury underperformed, in my estimation. It just takes one contrarian among the twelve to refuse to go along with the first degree murder charges. There should be no distinction as to whom was the shooter. I know the law allows for a distinction but in my mind each incorrigible is equally guilty, and should spend the remainder of his natural life in a cage, because each is subhuman. I reckon a third degree murder conviction typically carries a 20 to 40 year confinement penalty, but that`s too lenient in Dominick`s case. He will be eligible to be released at some point, and does not deserve to be released. And do not be surprised if Pal never comes to trial in June. His legal team and he may very well make a deal prior to that. It`s what I anticipate.

  • hrfjr

    I’m sick and tired of hearing how one suspect in a murder trial is any better than another, They both were in the vechile both had something to do with the murder, so both should face the same guilty verdict. One would ever think your friends would kill you, hide the evidence, and then help to organize the searchs.. what sick people they both are. Lock them up and forget about them. they dont deserve anything else.

    • Chris

      So if your life was threatened by the person when you just watched that person take a life you would be fine with saying No to that person?

      • Marie

        Then he should have told police that night….Life threatened or not he was not with him 24/7….Guilty…….

      • Chris

        i have to reply to my own post maria because you cant reply to yours….I doubt a lot of people would be as brave as you… to risk their life and your familys. when you just watched that person who is capable of murder say he would do something bad to your family….ok maria i c

      • Alyssa

        Hey Chris were you there? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Quit trying to make people believe that nonsense.

      • ReRe

        Wow! You are living in “Never Land,” Chris.I suppose your “pal” is Peter Pan. You know, HE never grew up. I hope you will.

    • jhosk

      I agree with you, hjfjr. Both were equally culpable in the conspiracy and therefore, equally guilty. Does not matter which pulled the trigger. I do not like that the law makes a distinction. I don`t embrace that even a little.

  • Alyssa

    So grateful he couldn’t buy his was out of this one, he should’ve been taken off the streets a year ago when he put a gun to my head and it’s absolutely sick that it had to come to a life being taken to get this monster put away.

    • Dave

      Everybody see this comment. Too often have I been seeing this scenario where the guy was KNOWN to be a dangerous lunatic. The cops and to courts are partly responsible for this murder.

      Once I read on the FBI’s website that MOST murders are over relationships.

      I hope the cops start doing the right thing.

      narcissistic tyrants……

  • Kathi

    I am happy with what the jury came back with dee down in my heart Ido not think that Jason pulled the trigger.

    • Justin Boyd

      I completetly agree with that. Ive know jay for a long long time and i didnt thjnk he did it from day one. I think Neils dirtbag pos . Either did it or made jason commit it . We will see jay soon i hope :/

      • Alyssa

        You think Pal “made” Jason do it? You’re sick and I hope you get help, Jason put a gun toy head and threatened to taken life and Pal was nowhere around so you’re 100% incorrect.

  • Chris

    You people don’t know any thing but what the news says. Jason is innocent. PAL is the one who did it and then told Jason if he said anything his sisters where next. The whole thing was rigged from the begging. pals dad knows the DA the scranton police dept and the judges. HE used to through benifits for the Police dept when he owned freznos. you all are quit sick and wnep is biased to not reporting the trial correctly to the public.

    • Fatboy

      I don’t under your thought process . If Jason was convicted of 3rd degree murder that means Pal pulled the trigger . So your theory mask no sense .

      • ReRe

        The jury couldn’t reach a verdict because of three deaf, blind, and brainless jurors. So, they ultimately sought the lesser charge to insure some type of justice. Brainless people shouldn’t be allowed to serve on juries…but this is America.

    • jhosk

      Chris, you are as wrong as you can be. That was a fairy tale Jason told on the stand during his direct examination. I saw and heard it in its entirety. Dominick claimed he was under the spell of Pal and that Pal threatened his life and that of his siblings etc. Pure baloney. You drank the Kool Aid, Chris, but that`s your issue. Do not try to foist that nonsense on me or any objective observer.


      hmm Chris sounds like you should of stepped up as well? You seem to know alot about this subject. Why didn’t you come forward???? Maybe you know who pulled the trigger because you were confided in???? And you didn’t tell anyone with the search going on??? Inquiring minds want to know. Let’s hear ya bark!!!!!

      • jhosk

        If you are addressing me, fewtrucking, I know something about this case because I attended the trial and saw and heard the evidence and testimony. I do not see anyone else here making comments who can make that claim. Please correct me, if I`m mistaken. I would have loved to be a member of the jury in this case. It would not have taken me long at all to recommend a verdict of first degree murder for the miscreant, Dominick. He lied and admitted to his mendacity. Video was shown in court of Dominick eating breakfast at Chick`s Diner just two hours after he admitted he witnessed Frankie being executed in that Jeep. A woman who was part of that group at Chick`s testified in court that Dominick ate a copious breakfast that day, 07/20/13, including requesting four orders of toast. He appeared very relaxed as he rose from his table and calmly walked to the register to pay the check. He waved to some employees. Is all that compatible with an individual who claims he feared for his life and was under tremendous duress due to Pal`s threats against Dominick`s person?

    • Dave

      Hi Alyssa. I hope you can forgive them and understand that they probably come from bad situations. Post-traumatic stress can cause a lot of anger. The key is to understand why people are the way they are and forgive them.
      I glad that you got to see justice done. And I’m glad you are OK.

    • alnt

      Hey meg it’d be great if you got a life and worried about yourself, if you don’t like me repeating myself don’t read my comments k?!

      And Dave, thank you, dearly. I’ve said it before and its so true that the courts are partially responsible, had Jason been in jail for what he did to me, Frankie would still be alive.

    • MsM

      All this and that loser was still walking the streets? Then his friends, family, and the system who let him walk ALL have blood on thier hands. Obviously he took liberties and license with his second, third, fourth…how many? chance(s). You reported the robbery and they let him and these guys walk?

    • Alnt

      Of course I reported it! They were plead down from 7 felonies to ONE misdemeanor, 30 days in jail, 60 days house arrest, drug court and probation, All due to good lawyers and some of the other guys’ families being well connected. It’s absolutely sick.

    • Barbara

      Really? Telling Alyssa to stop repeating herself. I believe she’s putting it out there that Jason Dominic was a criminal before this murder. I wonder how you would react knowing that a “CONVICTED MURDERER” once held a gun to your head? Clearly this woman has suffered, and no one needs a fool such as yourself to tell her to stop repeating herself.

  • Barbara

    I was hoping for first degree, because of the premeditation, but third degree and conspiracy will ensure a lengthy stay in prison. My condolences to the Bonnaci family for their loss. Now on to the next trial.

  • angie

    Listen, do you know anything about the American justice system? It is the prosecution’s responsibility to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the eeded to convict someone of first degree murder. The prosecution was unable to meet that burden. And nowhere does it say he got away with murder he was convicted of third degree murder. I believe the jurors were torn as to which punk actually pulled the trigger. Just because Dominik was acquitted of first degree murder doesn’t ensure Pal will be found guilty either simply because there’s a question as to who actually pulled trigger.

  • Carol

    It’s nice to know that you can get away with murder in Scranton PA Jurors should be ashamed of themselves.

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