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Accused Killers to Have Separate Trials

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SCRANTON — Two men set to stand trial in one of the most high-profile murder cases in Lackawanna County in many years will now have separate trials.

According to prosecutors, Lackawanna County Judge Terrence Nealon decided late Friday afternoon that Jason Dominick and Neil Pal will be tried separately.

Dominick’s trial is scheduled to begin on Monday.

Pal is scheduled to go in front of a jury on June 2nd.

Dominick faces First Degree Murder charges, Pal is charged with conspiracy. Both are accused in the killing of Frankie Bonacci of Dunmore last July.


  • Kietchen Olivia Eaches

    what they did to this man was wrong no matter what he did or said to them. I hope they get they get the death penalty. they should do to them what they did to him. I wish the family all the best in the world. I dont know what i would have done if that was my son. I will be praying that they get what they need for doing this to this young man. R.I.P Frankie.


      You are sick. Two wrongs don’t make a right, psycho. We’re not in Medieval times but it’s possible you’re still there.

  • Fay Reid

    Disgusting!! My heart goes out to Robin and Frank Sr. For having to endure this 2 more times! Cowards should confess and take what’s coming!

  • ugh

    These scumbags after they killed him helped his family in the search for finding him they also went to his viewing sick sick sick they both deserve to die and neil pal makes me sick I met him once he acted like mister tough guy and I couldn’t stand him within 5 mins

  • michael apostolico

    its a shame, there isn’t a doubt that Pal was as culpable as Dominick but Pal’s testimony against his “la famiglia” croney must be needed to ensure a first degree conviction for Dominick, but it is despicable that Pal can possibly be free in 6 -12 years

    • cheryl

      My point exactly.. Both were there and Both tried to cover it up. Unless one was being threatened at the time of the murder, that person should have gone to the authorities as soon as they could. But, that never happened. They stuck together with their lame story causing this boy’s family terrible pain on top of losing their son. So it should be that they need the same just punishment if found guilty.


      It was allegedly Pal’s firearm. He is a dark person, ask anybody who knows him. He is also from a very wealthy family apparently. If Dominick didn’t have access to Pal’s weapons I think he would have thought twice.

  • cheryl

    Why?? Is one charged with 1st degree and the other with 3rd degree. In my mind I think equal punishment should be in order if found guilty. BOTH were there and BOTH should be charged equally. BUT, this IS Lackawanna County and we all know how the almighty dollar speaks around here !!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

    • OhLookAtMeIamALeprechaun

      Meg, It’s interesting that all you did was state a fact, and two people gave your comment a thumbs down. You weren’t even giving an opinion. You were just answering the “why?”. Some of these folks are amazing.

    • tl830

      PA. SHOULD have the same charges as some states have where if you involved with a murder, like driving a car, just watching..etc you are as Guilty as the one that killed the person and charged with Capital Murder.

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