Five Found Dead in Lycoming County

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- State police in Lycoming County told Newswatch 16 two adults and three children were found dead Saturday at a cabin along Gap Road in Washington Township near Montgomery.

State police say Jacqueline Stackhouse, her 3-year-old son, along with Nathan Reece, and two other girls ages 4 and 9 all were pronounced dead at the scene.

The cabin sits a distance back from the road.

Jan Miller tells Newswatch 16, her son Robert was hosting a group of friends at the cabin. She says at some point he brought the group a propane heater, and went to sleep in his truck outside since the cabin was crowded. He discovered what happened just before noon.

Authorities said the deaths are not considered suspicious and the coroner believes the deaths are a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.


  • Billy Sweeney (Not the crook fireman) The cool one!

    Wow! People be people. How about some respect for the dead and their families. I’m sure the police and powers that be will do their jobs. Let us anonymous a-holes keep our mouths SHUT. I am so sorry to any family member that has to read such trash! My deepest and most sincere apologies on behalf of humanity.

  • frank

    Seems like a tragic accident due to the people in the cabin being uninformed about propane heat. However, its very suspicious to me that the man who brought the heater slept outside, and did not crack a window for the kids. Just a giant mistake? Maybe, but if someone was savvy about asphyxiation, and wanted to commit a murder, that’s one way to make it look accidental. Just check his past. See if there are any other “accidental” deaths he was nearby. Due diligence, thats all. If it WAS and accident, ok. Either way, this is heartbreaking.

  • Ted

    These propane heaters are supposed have a low oxygen sensor
    that shuts the gas off automatically if/when CO levels get to high.
    Somehow it was either plugged or broken.
    And it must’ve been a 10 or 20 gallon tank to fill a small cabin with CO.
    This same thing happened to a group of boy scouts in Union County
    about 10 years ago.

  • Bebe

    The man slept in his truck? So he is alive? This is a very sad tragedy! May God hold them in the palm of His hand…

  • Disgusted Member

    Everyone here is automatically assuming fowl play in the matter. Did you all happen to think , that maybe , just maybe , this could be accident? That is why CO2 is called a silent killer. Because you can see it nor can you smell it either. It just happens. Regardless of what happened here , we should be remembering these individuals that passed and not focus on WHAT HAPPENED to them. That is one thing that I really hate about people having input about thew news, it turns into almost a soap opera of the sort , its not here to inform people, it is hear to entertain.

    • Callie

      (Fowl = birds……foul is the word you are looking for.)

      I agree that everyone should wait until the police release the FACTS of the case before ASSUMING the worst.

    • Mark Kessinger

      Not to split hairs here, but the chemical abbreviation for carbon MONOXIDE is CO (without the ‘2’). CO2 is carbon DIOXIDE, which is one of the gases contained in the air we breathe, and which we exhale.

  • Michelle

    Thoughts and prayers to all the family and friends, how heartbreaking for all involved.

    • Melissa Rider

      So sorry for your loss and how your precious son found out. Prayers to you and your family.

    • Anonymous

      I’m so sorry for your loss, but it’s not their fault if they got the information out before you could. I know you’re in awful situation, and I haven’t the slightest idea how much pain you are in. It’s their job and responsibility to get the information out, and I’m entirely sorry you could deliver the information to them first.


    I just heard it was co2 poiseing my prayers go out to the family deb if u need me u know how to reach me


    no more rude commets I knew the people they use to live a cross the street from me so stop please with the bad commets thank u

  • CJGunter

    Very sad and my condolences to the family. As for this online discussion until all details are known about any tragic news store Commenting should be disabled.

      • Anonymous

        Could you be any more thick headed? God forbid someone post something that they believe. That was completely uncalled for. You should be the one that gets disabled for commenting.

  • Valrie Treese Montgomery

    Regardless of the details.. it is awful and sad that a family died at the same time. Its hard enough when you lose one member of a family, one friend. but when you lose 5 its mind blowing. My heart aches for the family and friends. Sending hugs to all who knew this family. God bless them all.

  • tmarie

    OMG!!! GROW UP!!!! Have some respect for this poor family!!! Bickering about hows and whys! You should b ashamed! !!
    Sending many thoughts n prayers to any and all families involved … God bless….

    • geo

      I’m shocked to see how many peope are disliking these comments of people sharing their wishes of condolences ..Some one can actually dislike others sharing their prayers …some people are sick because their sharing nonsense comments and opinions because their comments are shared as unknown… either have repect or go pound sand. It seems like alot of people in this comment area are either family, friends or old aquintances wanting to share their concern ..let them and leave your ignorance at home.
      Also to the nit-pickers that waste their time corrected other peoples spelling etc. your also even more annoying for wasting your time …unbunch your people that dislike these kind comments or pretend you dont see the rest of the ignorant comments surrounding this article look stupid, …
      To the family and readers also the people that are concerned for the families like myself im sorry to go off on a rant here but i am just that angered. Ill share my prayers tonight for those families that their hearts may heal from their losses.

  • Kari

    I am very sorry to hear about your lose but you should not comment about it being family people can be very mean and seems no one knows what happened I would hate to see people bashing you for any reason

  • Jackie Gundlach

    Please everyone I think before you write a comment ,why not wait until there are more details. We need to be respectful of these people and their families.

  • DE

    Everyone here is just a person trying to live their lives and cope, the rude and nasty comments over something innocently speculated is just proof many of you don’t get out much. This is a beautiful area, with some beautiful people…others….raised by wolves. No manners.

  • JRBartlett

    It was NOT a suicide, this was a tragic accident. One of the people dead was a very close friend of mine. Very sad and very unexpected. My sincere condolences are with each family member involved.

  • Mike D

    Usually when you hear about multiple deaths, it’s usually due to a murder suicide. So if someone assumed that, I don’t blame them.

      • Christian M

        Yeah, they had a heater in the room with no window open and the CO2 killed them 😢
        It was my girlfriends family…../:

  • Kirstin Harrow

    I live in the area and it came in as a CO2 poisoning. Wow does everyone jump to conclusions about murder/suicide?

    • Mark Kessinger

      That would be CO, not CO2. CO is carbon monoxide; CO2 is carbon dioxide, which we all regularly breathe as part of the air, and which we expel when we exhale.

  • Megan

    If theyre listed as not suspicious its most likely CO poisoning. How tragic :( Praying for the familiy and friends.

  • steve

    no it does not mean murder suicide it probably means co2 poisoning. what a bunch of scholars we have here

    • Evan Drury

      I think you mean CO poisoning, rarely will someone die from carbon dioxide poisoning, now carbon monoxide poisoning in a house is more likely

      • DE

        Right thanks, was in the middle of something else when I read this and in my haste that is what I meant..

  • DE

    two adults and three children were found dead Saturday” So it’s normal for two adults and three kids to just die for no reason?
    I take it that means a murder suicide?

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