Coroner: Five Dead From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP -- The Lycoming County Coroner has determined the cause of death for the five people who died in a cabin near Montgomery on Saturday morning.

The Lycoming County coroner said Nathan Reece, 30; Jacqueline Stackhouse, 23; Nariah Hawkins, 9; Cadee Hawkins, 4; and Austin Cousins, 3; all died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The bodies were discovered by a friend. People gathered at the cabin on Friday night for a party.

Family members of the victims said the past 48 hours have been a blur.

Chelsea Brennan is the cousin of the two young girls who were killed. Brennan said her family is mourning the loss.

"With them being so young, even if they knew what was going on it's not like they really had a sense of what was going on. So, it's not like they knew to ask for help if they needed to. It's just heartbreaking with them being so young, they just didn't really know. Those are answers we're never going to have," said Brennan.

The families are planning funerals for their loved ones.

Brennan said the two girls did not have life insurance and the family is raising money for a proper funeral. They have started a go fund me account to help pay for expenses. You can donate here.

Police are still investigating the case, but the coroner said there will be no autopsy for the victims.


  • Jason

    Who dislikes a family members comments to there loved ones! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Angels in heaven just as you were on earth love ya girls!

  • Chelsea B

    Nariah and Cadee, you both will be very missed but NEVER forgotten. We love you with all our hearts♡ I know Ni ni will run things up there with her toungue sticking out and her head cocked to the side, not forgetting the one hand on her hip. Her little sister will be right there to back her up. God must have needed two beautiful little angels to watch over us. Rest peacefully baby girls… until we meet again♡

  • carole dullen

    rest in peace my beautiful little angles. missed but not forgotten.keep’em straight up there and know we will always be thinking of you.

  • Tosha

    Aunt Tosha will always love and miss you babygirls. May you rest in peace Nariah and Cadee! Till we meet again. You make sure you give them all the run around up there like I know you will!!

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