Transportation Bill Plans Road Repairs in NEPA

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- PennDOT has announced 86 new road projects for Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In all, 22 of those projects are thanks to a new transportation bill.

The governor announced the list of projects on Thursday.

"There's a number of capacity items throughout the state, but we've limited ours in our area, just so you know," said George Roberts, the executive director of PennDOT's District 4.

Most of the repair projects in District 4 - Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Wayne, Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties - deal with road paving.

"Ours are in repair right now and mostly because the replace take a little longer to get designs done on," said Roberts.

Some of the biggest projects include paving about a four-mile stretch from Taylor to Scranton.

In Luzerne County, Routes 29 and 309 will also be paved.

PennDOT also plans to improve Route 6 in Wayne County.

"Everyone of these projects should start this year," said Roberts.

One of the biggest projects in Lackawanna County starts at the intersection of Main Street and Oak Street and goes all the way through Main Avenue to the North Central Scranton Expressway. People who drive that road said it's necessary.

"I think it's great, the money is there. Main Avenue is an absolute disgrace, a disgrace," said Marilyn King from West Scranton.

"You've got damage to the cars, you've got kids crossing the street, you know, just every day traffic. It has to be done," said Jerry Schaok of Scranton.

Here is the full list of projects scheduled under the program.


  • Kevin

    The governor needed to raise gas taxes 10 cents a gallon to fix the roads ? How did we pay for the road repairs in previous years ? This is nothing to celebrate Mr Governor !!!

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