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The Fix Road List: Thanks to the Transportation Bill

We’ve all been paying more for gasoline and vehicle fees after the governor passed the transportation bill last year.

The state went all out to tell drivers which road will be fixed thanks to Pennsylvania’s transportation bill that was passed in November.

Governor Tom Corbett says more than 250 projects will start this year, creating 18,000 new jobs this year alone.

“Pennsylvanians will soon begin seeing real tangible improvements in every corner of the commonwealth,” Governor Corbett said.

PennDOT said the top priority is fixing roads and bridges that are already damaged.

“Repair and take care of what we have. Start planning for the addition to the system. But this year and next year, the focus will be 90, 95 percent of the funds will be used to repair existing facilities,” PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch said.

PennDOT said its plans include resurfacing more than 145 miles of roads in northeastern Pennsylvania. One of those areas is along Interstate 180 in Northumberland County.

There are 122 projects on the agenda in PennDOT’s north central region. That includes Bradford, Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, Sullivan, Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties.

Some of those projects include paving of Route 15 to Route 54 in Lycoming and Union Counties and paving on parts of Route 220 in Lycoming County.

Jason Charles of Pennsdale drives all over Central Pennsylvania for work and is looking forward to the improvements.

“It makes my travel a lot easier and less wear and tear on my vehicles, so I’m glad,” Charles said.

“You really have to swerve a lot to get around the potholes that are everywhere,” Anna Marie Leavens said.

We will see these road repairs because of the higher prices that we’re paying for gas and for license and registration fees.

“The worst case of that would be about nine cents if that’s fully passed on. We see no evidence of that. Never have seen any correlation between that and the wholesale tax and what occurs at the pump,” Schoch said.

Here is the full list of projects scheduled under the program.


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