Homicide Charges Filed In Carbon County Death

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JIM THORPE — A man has been charged in the death of a woman last week in Carbon County.

Anthony Heath, 24, of Allentown, is being charged with homicide for the death of Angela Steigerwalt, 35, of Tamaqua about a week ago.

He was arrested over the weekend in North Carolina where police found him driving Steigerwalt’s stolen car.

Steigerwalt’s body was found Saturday morning when crews put out a brush fire along Flagstaff Road in Jim Thorpe.

Court papers indicate that Heath admitted that he strangled Steigerwalt with an electrical cord in the bedroom of his Chew Street, Allentown apartment and then used her vehicle and credit card to purchase items to burn and dispose of her body.

Court papers say surveillance video from a Walmart near Allentown showed Heath buying a lighter and lighter fluid and using Steigerwalt’s credit card to buy clothes.

In addition to the homicide charges, Heath is charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

Heath is locked up without bail in the Lehigh County Prison.


  • Andy

    Please don’t talk badly of Angie. I had the pleasure of working with her for many years, and she was the nicest person that I have ever met in my entire life. People make mistakes, but they don’t deserve to lose there life over them.

      • Sundown

        white on black crime gets press, black on white crime dare not say a word…so where is the presidential outcry that this pond scum killed this wife and mother? I don’t think race should be an issue, nor that the president speak out on every little crime..but the recent murders lately due to drugs, psychos, etc…there must be a think tank in DC that looks out for these stats and some reassurance that law enforcement is stepping up would be nice. which law enforcement is. The last 6 months crime has jumped in this area, and the police and detectives are stepping up to the task

  • Sharon Getz

    What a SOB he is.
    Perhaps they should question him in the disappearance of Holly Grimm.
    It just might be worth looking into.

    • Sundown

      I know I know! it’s crazy! this is what they think when I grow up I wanna kill people? his life is over, as it should be for doing such a thing! these people aren’t persons, they’re “things.”

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