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Troopers: Homicide Victim Tied With Wire

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JIM THORPE — State police headed to North Carolina to talk with a man who may be connected to the homicide of a woman from our area.

Troopers went to interview Anthony Heath of Allentown. He’s the person found driving the car belonging to homicide victim Angela Steigerwalt.

State police are trying to find the connection between the two.

Steigerwalt’s remains were found off Flagstaff Road in Jim Thorpe after fire crews put out a brush fire on Saturday.

The snow has covered any charred debris, but a yellow flag still sticks out of the ground to mark where evidence was found.  Some police tape is still tied around a tree.

According to court papers, state police say they saw, “the victim’s body, with what appeared to be a metal wires around the neck and also there were additional metal wires located underneath a wooden pole where what appeared to be legs would have been bound.”

Then near the body they found a Walmart bag with a receipt.

The court papers say, “the items listed on the receipt were as follows: plastic tote, lighter fluid, and a lighter. Major case team went to Walmart and viewed surveillance footage. And observed a black male making purchases.”

Troopers believe Anthony Heath is the man seen at that Walmart near Allentown.

They found him with the help of the GPS device On-Star that Angela Steigerwalt had in her vehicle, the same vehicle Heath was found driving in North Carolina.

Heath was found Sunday morning behind the wheel of Steigerwalt’s car about 500 miles from Jim Thorpe.

Court papers say someone reported seeing the car about 24 hours earlier driving quickly on Flagstaff Road in Jim Thorpe just before the brush fire was reported.

State police say Anthony Heath is charged with theft of a stolen vehicle.

Troopers headed down to North Carolina on Tuesday to question Heath.

The Carbon County District Attorney’s office has started the process to have Anthony Heath brought back to Pennsylvania.


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