Emotional Testimony in Attempted Homicide Hearing

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A suspect in an attempted homicide case in Wayne County had a very different "demeanor" coming out of court than when he walked in.

Robert Brundage Jr. faced 10 counts of attempted homicide Monday morning and by the end of the hearing he was only facing two.

His former girlfriend gave emotional testimony in the case of a man who she said was amazing, but on one drunken night in November wanted her dead.

Brundage was on his way into court in Hawley to face charges related to an incident back in November that left his girlfriend at the time fearing for her life and state troopers, exchanging gunfire.

"Hi mom, I love you," he said outside the district court office.

During the hearing, the woman he met through an online dating service testified the two went to a friend's house on November 16th.

Brundage drank a lot that night then became belligerent on the way home to the Moscow area, said Hope Hernandez.

She told the judge he hit her, knocked her to the ground then "gasoline was pouring on my head, he was laughing and knocked me down again," she said.

Hernandez said Brundage told her he wanted her dead, and shot at her but missed.

That's when state police arrived and surrounded the home. Bullet holes were all over the outside of the place from the standoff and gunfire.

Several troopers testified that back in November when they responded to Brundage's home, that he was shooting at them. A judge ruled there's not enough evidence to prove Brundage intended to kill some of them, so 8 of 10 attempted homicide charges against him have been dismissed.

Hernandez said on the stand that she loves Brundage and believes he loves her.

"When my feet were cold he would put socks on them. When I was sick he would pray," she said.

That caused Brundage to break down in the courtroom and on the way out he had this to say:

"Drank quite a bit, threw a plastic gas jug on her. That's just evil. I'm not an evil person."

Brundage's attorney said his client is normally a peaceful man but alcohol use likely put him in the position he's in.

He faces two counts of attempted homicide and is locked up in Wayne County.


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