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Troopers: Man Pours Gasoline on Girlfriend, Fires Shots at Victim and Police

STERLING TOWNSHIP — Bullet holes and orange paint scatter the front of a home along Woodland Drive in Sterling Township.

Over the weekend a trailer was a crime scene after investigators said Robert Brundage Jr. threatened his girlfriend.

Donald Paiva, who lives down the street said he couldn’t believe what had happened a few feet from his home.

“She came running in the house saying ‘help me, help me, help me.’ I said come in and get in the house,” Paiva said.

According to court documents, Brundage told his girlfriend Hope Hernandez, “I want you dead.”

Investigators say he then poured gasoline on her before firing five shots at her.

Neighbors said it wasn’t unusual to hear Brundage firing shots off of his porch late at night.

But when they realized the shots they heard over the weekend were intentionally fired toward his girlfriend, neighbors say they were disgusted.

“The fear in her eyes, the way she was, the way she looked. I mean, I don’t know but looking at her I would say he was going to hurt her,” Paiva said.

Once the victim was safe inside Paiva’s house, police arrived at the scene.

Neighbors say Brundage fired multiple shots at troopers before he was finally brought into custody a few hours later.

“We heard a single shot, another single shot, and the state troopers opened up with automatic rifles and that’s why you see all the bullet holes,” Paiva said.

People like Elain Mead who knows Brundage said she’s not surprised about what happened.

She just hopes Brundage goes to jail for a long time.

“I wasn’t surprised at all. Not at all. The only thing I was happy about is that he’s in there with $1 million bail. I’m so grateful for that,” Mead said.

Brundage is charged with 10 counts of attempted homicide and 10 counts of aggravated assault.

A judge set his bail at $1 million.

He remains locked up at the Wayne County Prison.

Brundage is due back in court on Wednesday.


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