Teacher Charged With Sex With Students Resigns

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KINGSTON — A teacher in Luzerne County has resigned amid charges she sexually assaulted two students.

The superintendent of the Wyoming Valley West School District says the school board accepted Lauren Harrington-Cooper’s letter of resignation Wednesday morning.

Harrington-Cooper is accused of having sexual contact with the male students last year.

She was charged in December and January.


  • Dan Buechel

    where were these teachers at when I was in school and don’t lie men you would of wanted to be in his shoes when you were in school help this woman we need women like this on the market

    • Right or Wrong

      Well Dan, right or wrong, when I was a senior in high school and being a normal male and given the opportunity, I would have been all over that! I’m not saying it’s right but I can easily see how a young man could get drawn into this situation. Given opportunity I would say 9 of 10 would have been drawn into this situation.

  • gerbilmaster

    Let’s hope she will spend a long time in prison. No medical/mental excuses. It doesn’t work for the male teachers, set an example for this predator.

  • Mike

    She was going to get fired anyway. There goes her career. She’ll be working a Taco Bell drive thru when all the smoke from this settles.

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