Teacher Free On Bail After Sex Charges

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KINGSTON — The high school English teacher from Luzerne County, charged with having sex with two students is free on bail.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper, 31, of Kingston, was arrested Thursday, accused of having sexual contact with a 17-year-old boy from Wyoming Valley West where she teaches.

Those charges came a few weeks after she was accused of doing the same thing with an 18-year-old student.

The judge in Luzerne County ordered her not to have contact with any high-school aged students anywhere.


  • stan

    How we love DIRTY LAUNDRY. HOT FOR TEACHER. HIM (Rupert Holmes). NEW KID IN TOWN. SUPER FREAK. TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING (in this case, after school). DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME (Captain and Tennille). GIVE IT TO ME (Rick James). YOUR CHEATING HEART.ONE ON ONE(Hall & Oates).USE TA BE MY GIRL (The O’Jays), now, she’s everybody’s girl. RUNAROUND SUE. SHOW ME THE WAY (Peter Frampton). EASY (the Comodores) UPSIDE DOWN(Diana Ross) and LICK IT UP(KISS). Fitting for the aforementioned extra cirricular activities.

    • Mike T.

      Stupidly implying she is a predator, and any idiot could see that this was completely consensual between the parties involved.

  • Christine

    Has the second accusation been proven? If this was such an issue for these boys, why didn’t they come forward before any sexual situations started? I dunno, seems too one sided. I don’t condone what she did, its disgusting, but I don’t believe these boys are as innocent as they seem. There is more to this than is being told. Just my opinion.

  • Chris

    Anyone thought about the possibility that it was the students trying to get back at her for something? Maybe they were the ones that initiated and maybe she refused. Maybe then they retailed by making false accusations. Maybe she really did have sexual relations with an 18 and 17 yr old. Just saying… maybe. Guess we’ll have to wait and find out huh.

    • Mike T.

      Chris: From the linked articles in this one:

      “Investigators said Thursday morning, the parents of a high school senior told the principal they found explicit sexual text messages between their son and a teacher, later identified as Cooper.
      A county detective said Cooper admitted to having oral sex and sexual intercourse with the student in her car several times.”

      I’m sure what happened is the kids were bragging, and possibly someone caught wind of it who wished to do damage either to the kid that was banging her or the teacher herself because they didnt like her, and then notified the dude’s parents who then thought OMG what a way to make a quick buck off the school, we can sue them and well who cares if this lady’s life is ruined, give us money.

    • Christine

      A agree with this…..there is more to this story and the truth always comes out. There is always three sides to every story……..Theirs, Hers and the truth.

  • Al Gensel

    she should be locked up for good a grow women having sex with kids she is not right. I feel bad for here husband .

  • Lisa

    Mike T., are you missing the fact that she is 13 years older than them and she is an “English” teacher not a sex education teacher. She was trusted to teach them English not sex education in a car on top of teaching them adultery

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