Incumbent Sheriff Holds Job In Schuylkill County


ASHLAND — Schuylkill County is holding onto its sheriff.

The incumbent Democrat won easily, but had some interesting competition.

Sheriff Joseph Groody will move on to his second term.

He beat Republican Patrick Reynolds, a former army police officer and current state constable.

Groody celebrated with friends and family at his catering hall in Ashland, where he is also the chef.

For Groody the highlight of the night came when his 85-year-old mother pinned on his badge.

“She was determined, she said ‘I’m coming down there election night no matter how I feel, and I want to pin that badge on you because you are going to win another election,’ and of course she was right,” Groody said.

Suspended Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler also ran a write-in campaign.

There were more than 700 write in votes, but no word on how many went to Kessler, who made national news with his violent pro-gun rants posted online.


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