Sheriff Candidate Charged With Terroristic Threats

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REILLY TOWNSHIP -- Just days before the election, a candidate for sheriff is in trouble with the law.

A man running for sheriff in Schuylkill County announced late Friday afternoon that he is suspending his campaign because of charges filed against him.

This is the same race where a write in candidate is the suspended Gilberton police chief who's now famous for shooting guns and screaming profanity online.

Incumbent Schuylkill County Sheriff Joseph Groody is running for a second term.

The Democrat's main opponent is Republican Patrick Reynolds, a state constable. Reynolds now finds himself facing several charges including terroristic threats, filed by a state trooper.

According to state police and court papers, a man who works for a car repossession company came to the Reynolds residence to repossess a car of a relative. Reynolds showed up and pointed a gun at the victim. Reynolds told state police he did not do that.

But Reynolds admitted to Newswatch 16 that he did point the gun at the repo man.

“I was a little upset and trying to defend myself and at the time I didn't think it was important but, yeah, I did point the gun at him because I was a little aggravated and agitated and he was armed, too,” Reynolds said. “He had a firearm, too.”
“Did he point it at you?”
“No, he did not,” Reynolds replied.

Diane Robinson of Tremont and others believe Reynolds' alleged actions put an end to his political career.

“If he's running for sheriff, he shouldn't get the position at all because if he's pointing a gun at somebody and terroristic threats he wouldn't get my vote.”

“He should drop it right there, that`s what I think, to be honest. I don't think many people will go for that,” said Avery Gedherd of Tremont.

“Some people have rage. They don't know what they're doing at the time but it's pretty serious but you're right, innocent before proven guilty,” said Erica Bertasavage of Tremont.

Patrick Reynolds told us that he's suspending his campaign for Schuylkill County Sheriff but believes the charges are politically motivated. He faces a hearing next month.

Reynolds' name will still appear on the ballot on Tuesday. He says if he wins he's not sure what he will do.

A third candidate for sheriff is suspended Gilberton Police Chief Mark Kessler. He's become known for his online videos which show him using profanity and firing automatic weapons.   He's running a write in campaign.


  • robby

    There seems to be an epidemic of intimidation and brutality within law enforcement these days. Whether on or off duty, they act like arrogant bullies. I think it is time for an overhaul of our law enforcement agencies. The people who are charged with upholding the law are consistently breaking it. Our rights are being eroded and if we don’t fix it we will find ourselves in a total police state. There ought to be sever consequences for law enforcement officials who abuse their power or otherwise break the law. No more paid leave bs. Lets hold these crooks and their superiors responsible for terrorizing and intimidating our fellow citizens. Enough is enough!

  • Stephen Ames Sr.

    I don’t know any of these candidate running for sheriff but any good politician or person wanting to be a politician should know you don’t do anything like this out in the open. A good politician sneaks around and does his dirty work behind people’s backs.

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