Good Samaritan Remembers Deadly Crash

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Days after a deadly crash in Susquehanna County, one of the people who helped the victims says it was a team effort to save lives.

One man was killed and two more were trapped in a burning truck Friday night. But thanks to Marty Evans and others, they were able to survive.

Two days after seeing a horrific crash and helping at the scene, Marty Evans of Hop Bottom is just glad he was even there to begin with.

"We were going along and I heard this horrendous bang, I looked out the window and I saw the car behind us and the one passing us hit head on," said Evans.

He was unknowingly on his way to a surprise 40th birthday party for him when the wreck happened. A car crossed the center line on Route 106 near Clifford and slammed into a truck.

State police said the driver of the car, Zachary Dayton, died at the scene.

Two other men were in that truck and Evans knew he and others had to act fast.

"The guy that was driving the SUV had his wits about him, all of a sudden this engine compartment burst into flames."

Evans remembers taking his coat off and trying to put out the fire. When that didn't work, he started shoveling dirt onto the flaming engine.

"I remember the driver saying don't let us burn up, I said you'll be fine. The fire trucks came and ambulances faded into the darkness after that."

The two men in that truck, Robert Swingle and Sean Burnham, both of Carbondale, were eventually taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

Both me, living testaments to the quick action from complete strangers, like Marty Evans.

"It was more instinct. I wasn't afraid, I was right in the engine compartment trying to stuff it out, I didn't want to see those guys burn up, afraid for them. I'm just glad I could do something to help them."

Evans says there was a reason he and others were there to help out.

There is no word on the conditions of the two passengers.

Troopers are investigating the cause of that deadly wreck in Susquehanna County.


  • Melissa

    Sarah – this is a callous comment. There is no need to publicly address a person’s character. This man deserves accolades, not slander.

  • Stacey Tellep


    Is it really necessary that you would leave such a message. Do you realize someone died, and others are seriously injured but you want to slander the man that helped them. I dont personally know him myself, but this was not dignified and you should be ashamed of posting something like this considerating the nature of this tragedy. Shame on You!

  • Rachel Lynn Swingle Gigliotti

    Marty Evans,I am the sister of Bobby Swingle whom you helped save that horrible night. I don’t know how we(his family and friends) could ever repay you. We are more than thankful for your kind and very generous act. Because of you and other good Samaritans my brother and his friend are alive today. You are an angel! I can’t possibly thank you enough.

      • Rachel Lynn Swingle Gigliotti

        Marty I wanted to reply to your last comment and accidentally hit the “report comment” button. I am sorry,I certainly did NOT want to do that. My brother has a long road to recovery but nonetheless,he is here with is thanks to you. My family is trying to locate a phone number or address for you(obviously without it becoming public knowledge) .

  • Marty Evans

    I am glad I could help .channel 16 called yesterday and said they received an anonymous tip with my name and number and what I had helped with Friday night.i agreed to talk about it with a cameraman I hope your family is well god bless Marty Evans

  • Bonnie Burnham Lawrence

    The two men in that pick-up were my nephew and our cousin. Thank you Marty Evans and the other gentleman for stopping and using everything in your power to on save our boys. May the Lord reward you well for your actions. I also want to thank the responders, nurses and doctors who saved them. Mr. Dayton’s family is also in our prayers. Again Thank You!

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