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Father, Son, Sentenced For Fatal Shooting

MONTROSE — A father and son were sentenced on homicide charges Thursday in Susquehanna County.

Donald Glover, Sr. admitted to killing his wife, while his son Donald Glover, Jr. helped his dad cover up the crime.

Glover, Sr. made his way into the Susquehanna County courthouse to be sentenced after admitting to murdering his wife, Sharon Glover, in their home north of Forest City last year.

Family members showed up in droves, all to testify on his behalf.

“Yes, that was our mother, but we still love our father very dearly and we would like to keep him here with us.  This is not the type of person he ever was or is at all,” said Rebecca Perrington, the victim’s daughter.

“He’s our father, he always will be and we will never lose our love and trust in him,” said the victim’s daughter Danielle Glover.

More than a half dozen family members took the stand, wiping away tears while speaking of Glover’s kind nature, including the victim’s mother who called Glover a wonderful person.

The husband and wife were separated when the shooting happened.

The victim’s two sisters asked for a harsh sentence for Glover instead after listening to the countless pleas for leniency.

“He’s still selfish, because it’s all about him and what he’s going through.  It’s not about what my sister went through or what his children’s gone through. It’s all about him, him, him, him. His testimony was about him today,” said the victim’s sister Sandie Swan.

The judge handed down a 10-to-30 year prison sentence for Glover, saying courts cannot condone an “open season on spouses.”

But this sentence handed down by a judge in Susquehanna County in this unusual case wasn’t one that many family members were hoping to hear.

“Not at all, it wasn’t at all, because you know what? My sister and I live with this every day, that we will never be able to see her again,” said the victim’s sister Donna Michaels.

“He should have less than that. He does need help for what he was going through, but he does not deserve to spend 10 years in jail,” Rebecca Perrington said.

Glover’s son, Donald Glover, Jr. also was sentenced for initially trying to cover up the murder. He will serve 24 months on probation plus fines.

“It’s a tragedy. There’s no winners, no losers.  It’s a sad case and hopefully they can move forward and put their life back together,” said defense attorney Joe McGraw.


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