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Victim’s Family Seeks Mercy For Killer

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MONTROSE -- A father and son pleaded guilty Wednesday in Susquehanna County in connection with the shooting death of their wife and mother, but the victim's family asked the district attorney for mercy.

The Susquehanna County district attorney says he had a strong case to take Donald Glover to trial for first degree murder but it was the family of Glover's wife - the victim - who urged him to make a plea agreement.

Glover pleaded guilty to third degree murder. His son pleaded guilty to charges of trying to cover up the crime.

Donald Glover of Thompson cried in the courtroom saying "I'm sorry for all of this." He pleaded guilty to killing his wife last year.

Glover avoided trial for first degree murder by pleading guilty to third degree murder. He admits shooting his wife Sharon at their home north of Forest City just over a year ago.

Investigators in Susquehanna County say the two were separated, in a financial mess, and she was with another man.

The district attorney says what happened in court is rare, the family of the victim pleading for mercy.  The mother of the victim herself didn't even want third degree murder.  She hoped for a charge that would only carry a couple years in jail.

"In particular, the victim's mother was very instrumental in seeking mercy for her son-in-law, the person who killed her daughter," said Susquehanna County District Attorney Jason Legg.

A whole group of family members was in court in Montrose, many of them relatives of the victim Sharon, but some even tearfully hugged Glover before they left, supporting her killer.

Glover's son Donald, Jr. also pleaded guilty. He admitted tampering with evidence, putting a gun in his mother's hand to make it look like self-defense.

"He basically reacted in a way that's hard for anyone to understand unless you've been in that situation where you see your mother shot and your father's involved.  I don't think anyone understands why he did what he did," Legg said.

Donald, Jr. isn't the only one who tried to help his dad in this case. The victim's family clearly has, too.

"They've never suggested he shouldn't pay for what he did, but their plea has always been for some level of mercy and some chance that at some time he can walk out and see his grandchildren again," Legg said.

For the third degree murder, Donald Glover faces 20 to 40 years in a state prison.

His son Donald faces 24 months' probation for tampering with evidence.

Sentencing is scheduled for later this month in Susquehanna County court.