Crash Leaves A Mess At Cemetery

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LENOX TOWNSHIP -- There's a mess at a cemetery in Susquehanna County after a pick-up truck came plowing through overnight.

The truck ended up right at the grave of a woman who was the focus of a big news story within the past year.

There is a trail of destruction where someone tore into the West Lenox Baptist Church Cemetery, a decades-old iron fence mangled and ripped apart.

"I've been here 57 years, 75 years.  I've never had a bit of trouble with the cemetery and then this thing happened," said cemetery overseer Fred Enson.

"It's twisted, like, and even that one over there."

Enson and Boyd Raub oversee the cemetery.  They were shocked finding the mess in the morning and realizing the work needed to fix the damage.

"It's sort of disgusting when you see this, especially when the guy left."

For much of the day, they were angered that this was a hit and run. But the driver ended up leaving a note with the pastor accepting responsibility, blaming a deer for losing control.

The two men are still amazed that driver could get that vehicle out of here.

"Somehow he either had four-wheel drive or something because he got out of it," said cemetery chairman Boyd Raub .

"I can't believe it because he went over that big rock, the fence is mangled.  I don't know how he could do it," Enson said.

An interesting aspect of this crash is that after the vehicle plowed through, it ended up at the grave of Lynda Walker.  Her husband is about to stand trial in a few weeks for her murder 30 years ago.

Last fall, Newswatch 16's Sofia Ojeda walked along the same fence doing a story about Lynda Walker's death being ruled homicide three decades after her death.

Her husband John Walker, a police officer and county detective, was arrested and charged with murder.

While her family is concerned with the trial this month and justice for Lynda, they won't have to worry about her tombstone. Caretakers are amazed it still stands.

"She's been through enough as it is, but it's a real surprise it didn't hit a marker.  Even the cop, he even looked the markers over and couldn't believe it," Enson added.

Those who oversee the cemetery are hoping insurance will help with repairs, but know the fence will never be the same.

Jury selection is scheduled for September 23 in John Walker's trial.