Traffic Snarled, Drivers Delayed By I-80 Rig Crash

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STROUDSBURG -- A tractor trailer pile up in Monroe County caused major traffic jams in the Poconos Wednesday.

The pile up involving four rigs pushed the interstate traffic to local roads throughout East Stroudsburg.

The wreck happened on Interstate 80 east before noon.

State police say four tractor-trailers and two vans were involved in a crash on Interstate 80 east.

At one point all four lanes of Interstate 80 were shut down. The highway was reopened after 4:30 p.m.

With traffic at a standstill, a local towing company was trying to remove the wreckage on Interstate 80 east in East Stroudsburg. The towing company had to use its crane to lift a car off one of the tractor-trailers.

It appears the car fell off a car carrier which rear ended a tractor-trailer in front of it, sending a chain reaction of rig after rig rear ending one another.

In all, four tractor-trailers and two vans crashed into one another between the East Stroudsburg and Broad Street exits on Interstate 80 east.

"A co-worker was out on his lunch and he heard 'boom, boom, boom, boom' and traffic just stopped. It's just a mess over here," said Laurie Vogel of Gilbert.

Traffic was heavy on Route 611, one of the many detours off Interstate 80

One woman got off Route 611 outside Stroudsburg, traveling for nearly two hours from Allentown to Stroudsburg for work.

"I was supposed to be here around one o'clock, left my house at noon. It usually takes an hour. I don't even know what happened, but it took forever," said Carey Humes of Allentown.

The traffic woes continued to Business Route 209, another detour for Interstate 80.

Troopers say one person was injured in the crash with moderate injuries.

State police are investigating what caused the wreck on the interstate.