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Details Released In Jersey Shore Death

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JERSEY SHORE -- New information was released Tuesday on the homicide case involving the body of a man found buried under a home.

The latest information includes how police believe the homeowner killed the victim.

Homicide charges against a man from Jersey Shore could be filed as soon as Tuesday afternoon.

An autopsy has confirmed that the remains found buried in a crawl space underneath Glenn Jackson's home were Michael Krauser's and that his death came at the hands of someone else.

We got a look at court papers that say a lot more about what led police to discover Michael Krauser's body last week at that home in Jersey Shore.

The home's owner, Glenn Jackson, is already behind bars facing abuse of corpse charges.

Investigators spent hours Friday digging up the remains at Jackson's home on South Lincoln Avenue in Jersey Shore. They removed the body in order to do an autopsy.michael krauser

On Monday, the autopsy confirmed the remains were Michael Krauser, who had been missing for about a month.

According to a search warrant, Glenn Jackson told a neighbor he and Krauser got into a fight a month ago at Jackson's Home. Court papers say Jackson told the neighbor he hit Krauser in the head with an ash tray,  knocking him unconscious. Then in a rage, Jackson stabbed Krauser three times with a knife or sword.

Jackson went on to tell his neighbor he buried Krauser four feet under a crawl space in his home.

Those same court papers indicate Jackson got books from the library or a nearby community center about decomposing bodies. One was called "The Stiff."

State police arrested Glenn Jackson early Thursday he was charged with abuse of a corpse but now may face more serious charges, even homicide,  as early as this afternoon.