Missing Persons Case Leads to Discovery of Human Remains

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JERSEY SHORE — Human remains were found by state police at a home in Jersey Shore during a search for Michael Krauser, who had been reported missing.

Thursday night police said the home owner and known friend of Krauser, Glenn Jackson was charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

People in the Jersey Shore neighborhood were horrified to hear that human remains were found buried at a home on South Lincoln Avenue.

Troopers found the remains inside a crawl space at the house, which sits a block away from the middle school.

Now state police said this is a death investigation and have charged the home owner, Glenn Jackson, with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

Mark Lamey lives right across the street.

“Talked to him here or there, just mowing grass and stuff like that but that’s really it,” said Lamey. “Really, he’s kind of quiet.”

Troopers came to the home at four in the morning, looking for Michael Krauser, a known friend of Jackson’s who had been reported missing.

After the remains were found, investigators spent most of the day digging up the backyard, which is littered with debris.

Neighbors saw Jackson surrender to police early in the morning and wanted to know why.

“Not getting nothing,” said Larry Wallen. “I’m kind of wondering what’s going on with the caution tape going around. Just trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Police said they interviewed two of Jackson’s friends who said Jackson had told them he buried Krauser in his basement.

As for who the remains belong to, investigators have yet to identify them.

A specialist is expected at the house to unearth them Friday.

“It’s pretty scary, it’s very scary. I mean to have something this close to home, it’s kind of freaky,” said Lamey.

Jackson is locked up at the Lycoming County Prison on $200,000 bail.