Victims Speak Out

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SUMMIT HILL -- The victims hit by a car last week as they were trying to get on a school bus in Carbon County are speaking out for first time.

Jessica Williams gets around on crutches.  She and her sister Jackie were struck by a car last week in Summit Hill.

Police say the 53-year-old driver drove around two stopped school buses and hit the girls.

For the first time the children are speaking out about the experience.

"All I saw was the car slamming her and she was dragged. I was sad for my sister that's what I felt," Jackie Williams explained.

Jessica said she was placed in a medical helicopter.

"I miss my friends at school and I like the helicopter was because I like to go on the helicopter because I never went on a helicopter before."

Jon Seekins, the girl's step-father, said it's a miracle that Jessica wasn't more seriously hurt.

"The car went right over her stomach and there was no damage. I believe angels threw pillows right down before she hit the ground. Somebody was watching her that day, both of them."

Jessica and Jackie's parents want criminal charges filed against the driver.

Leilani Williams said she would like to an apology too.

"I was filled with a lot of anger. I was really, really worried. If she would ever reach out and say that she's sorry I would accept that and my daughters would accept that."

The chief of police said traffic citations will be issued against the driver. as far as criminal charges, he wants to talk to the district attorney before making any final decision.